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Former Las Vegas Stripper Threatens To Drop Prince Harry’s Nude Pictures To Social Media

Prince Harry Vegas stripper

Prince Harry’s Las Vegas party past has come back to bite him, with a former stripper coming out to reveal she may drop his nude pics to her OnlyFans account. According to Yahoo!, the woman whose name is Carrie Royale, has said she is upset that she was not referenced in the prince’s book, Spare.

Carrie is also the same woman allegedly sold a pair Prince Harry’s underwear online. She has said she didn’t want to release the photos, which she has allegedly held onto since Prince Harry’s 2012 trip where he was caught on camera playing naked pool. Royale changed her thought process after she was omitted from Spare, referring to him as “a bloody idiot.”

Sounds to us like he is trying to pretend the Vegas trip never happened. Hmm. Sounds like his wife. We wonder if Meghan knows anything about this. Anywho, Prince Harry had better watch out because the Vegas stripper apparently means business.

The Rundown Of Prince Harry And The Vegas Stripper

For those who mightn’t know, Prince Harry was 27 at the time of the Vegas Romp with the stripper. This happened in 2012, four years before he met Meghan. What’s more is the Yahoo article states that royal fans have slammed Carrie on Instagram, saying what she is doing is illegal as she is threatening to release revenge p***.

Furthermore, they are correct. It is revenge p***. Also, according to The Sun, OnlyFans has suspended Carrie’s account. Moreover, the platform’s spokesperson said in a statement to the newspaper that threatening to release pictures is the reason she was banned. If she were going to show these images, she would have to get permission from Harry to do it.

Finally, perhaps, don’t go to the media or social media and say you’re going to do this as it will get back to the higher ups.

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