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Omid Scobie Is Outed AGAIN As A Liar

Omid, court

Does the Sussex PR machine think that people are uninformed? Omid Scobie certainly does when he has once again perjured himself in Prince Harry’s court case against the Daily Mirror and Piers Morgan. Sky News had a journalist inside the courtroom as Omid testified. He claims he has not socialised with Harry (and Meghan Markle) on a friendly level.

Interesting, as that’s not what he wrote in his hagiography on the couple, Finding Freedom. In it, he mentioned (and thank you to the Royal Grift for your video on this) that when Harry and Meghan completed their last royal engagement, the former actress hugged him and said, “It didn’t have to be this way.” Also, Omid mentioned in the same book that he had had drinks with Harry.

The Body Language Guy on his Royal Rogue channel mentions something similar. Harry allegedly told Omid that “he wanted to live a life where he was free to pursue his passions.”

Jason Knauf The Hero

Not to mention, Jason Knauf, who many dub a hero for outing Meghan during her privacy court case, has emails backing up that Omid got information second-hand. However, the Sussexes themselves wanted this information out there.

Before the Sussex Squad whinge, Harry and Meghan were sneaky about how they handed over the information, especially in this court case. They told Jason via email, who then gave the intel to Omid. Harry was even idiotic enough to say, “We have to be able to say we didn’t have anything to do with it.” This is a direct quote from him in the emails.

[Credit: Daily Mail]

You’re looking at a partial email published in the Daily Mail after Knauf dropped them during the privacy case over the letter that Meghan wrote to her father.

Omid Scobie Denies Being In Contact With The Sussexes

Omid denied multiple times in 2020 that the Sussexes were involved in Finding Freedom, despite the author’s note saying otherwise.

[Credit: Twitter]

Omid Scobie Denies A Vested Interest In Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Scobie has also denied that he has a “vested interest” in the Sussexes and that he does cover the other royals. Sorry, but this is false, too. He has only spoken about the other royals, especially the Wales children, when he makes fun of them. He does not go on royal tours with the others. Scobie jumped on bullying Prince Louis for being a little boy who likes to make people laugh with his toddler antics.

Oh, then, we have this photo:

Incorrect; squaddie, omid, court
[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

What was Omid Scobie saying about not having anything to do with the Sussexes? This photo was taken around the time when Meghan allegedly hugged him. If he didn’t have any form of communication with them, why was he even there? He can claim he was there in a media capacity all he wants. He was there as one of the few people the Sussexes wanted there.

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