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How Meghan Markle Helped Expose The Way Public Relations Works  – OPINION

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When you’re in Hollywood, good public relations is the most important as it gets you noticed. PR is vital, especially when agents are on the hunt for new clients. Meghan Markle knows this too well. After all, she spent almost twenty years hustling to become the most famous star in Tinseltown. One such example is she had to take modelling gigs with Reitmans in Canada. While being the spokesmodel for the fashion label, she was an undercover diva.

The outside world wasn’t aware of this until Tom Bower released his Sussex tell-all, Revenge, where he goes into detail. According to the book, she was only nice to her entourage while spitting venom at the professional production staff, some of whom burst into tears.

Paparazzi culture isn’t what it was twenty years ago. Since the rise of social media, the paps are not as relevant now as they were as celebrities, and yes, some royals now post to the social media accounts of their choosing.

When In Doubt…

Look at Queen Rania of Jordan as an example. She has social accounts to show people worldwide what she is up to. She even sends shoutouts to her children on occasion. In one recent example, she congratulated her youngest daughter, Princess Salma, on graduating from the University of Southern California. Another recent photo is one that was taken of her and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Rajwa, the fiancée of her eldest son and the soon-to-be Crown Princess of Jordan.

For years, Meghan failed to gain any significant traction in the media. It got so bad that she had to call the paparazzi herself whenever she visited places like a London restaurant in 2015. She even begged a female journalist for column inches. This was the year before she met Prince Harry. However, when she did meet the prince, she got instant attention, as she had always wanted. Now, almost a decade later, she is using the same tactics. Moreover, it has long been evident what she is doing.

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Use Other People’s Birthdays

In this first tactic, let’s get one thing clear. Meghan Markle hates her in-laws. That’s no secret. She never wanted to be a royal; she only wanted the perks and thought her race would get her places. Moreover, she has the most beef with her sister-in-law, Catherine.

Why? Because the Princess of Wales has what Meghan wants; the literal keys to the kingdom. The former actress’ issues with Catherine started before they even met as she made digs about her on The Tig. Kate doesn’t play games with the media and had to work insanely hard to become beloved. She does not overshadow anyone, let alone her in-laws.

Meghan Hates Catherine

Meghan loves using the time around Catherine’s birthday, which is January 9, to publish her self-aggrandising PR. That is when Megxit was announced. Also, this is when Harry’s book, Spare, came out. Whether or not the book release date, which was January 10, was Harry’s idea or the publisher’s idea, it doesn’t matter. Nothing with the Sussexes is ever coincidental.

Another birthday Meghan has exploited is Prince Louis’s. During the final months of her pregnancy with Lilibet, pap shots of Meghan and Archie were published on Page Six, a half hour before the embargo lifted on the pictures of Louis for his third birthday.

“If She Can Wear That, I Can Wear It Better!”

Given Meghan’s hatred for Catherine, she believes that she looks good in anything, even if something doesn’t fit properly. When Catherine attended the Top Gun: Maverick European premiere, she wore an off-the-shoulder black and white gown. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands wore a similar outfit in 2017 ago but as a jumpsuit.

Then comes Markle wearing a strikingly similar outfit on a “date night” with Harry not long after Catherine wore the dress. Sometimes, as with Máxima and Catherine, the similarity in outfits was a coincidence as the Queen of the Netherlands wore her outfit in 2017. However, with Meghan, nothing is ever a coincidence.

She hates Catherine to the point that she feels embarrassed that she doesn’t look good in the same things. There was a rumour that she was angered by Harry’s reaction to Kate’s gold James Bond premiere dress that she screamed into the backyard. How true that is, we don’t know. But Meghan knew the second she saw Catherine in that incredible gown; she wouldn’t be able to pull it off herself. This probably infuriated her as the press was gushing about the outfit. In Meghan’s mind, she should constantly get good PR despite sitting back and doing virtually nothing.

So, when Catherine wore the black and white dress, Meghan pounced, knowing how easy the look was to replicate. However, Kate was the only person who could pull the gold look off, and Markle knew it. Of course, this would’ve made her increasingly desperate to one-up her “archnemesis.”

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

“Let’s Make The Grandfather’s Funeral About Me!”

Okay, this next one is something that upset a load of people, and that’s how an article came out detailing what was in the wreath that Meghan sent for Prince Philip’s funeral.

For those who don’t know, Prince Philip’s funeral was during the high of COVID in the UK. Only 100 people were allowed to attend. Anyone not close to the late Duke of Edinburgh couldn’t participate due to restrictions on crowd gatherings at the time.

Returning to the wreath situation, no one else who had sent a wreath for Prince Philip’s funeral had their name read out or had the information of what was in the wreath revealed. Why? Because it didn’t matter. No one at that time cared about that. They wanted their beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, and friend to be sent off in the proper regard he deserved as England’s longest-serving consort. Not as being overshadowed by a greedy in-law from across the pond.

Meghan, No One Cares If You Sent Flowers!

Moreover, the story goes that there were flowers in the Sussex wreath representing Prince Philip’s heritage from Greece and whatever else. Another detail included that the wreath had been made by the same people who supplied Archie’s christening flowers. The second the camera panned over to the wreath, that’s when the story dropped. No one even cared as it wasn’t about Meghan. It was about saying farewell to Prince Philip.

Even one alleged report said the handwritten note on the coffin was from Meghan. It was written by the Queen, Philip’s wife of 73 years. Why would the grieving monarch allow Meghan, of all people, to have a note placed on the coffin of a man she had no time for? That story is stupid. Markle, again, has no time for family. She cannot even go two hours to Mexico to see her sick father. Philip was a remarkable man who didn’t complain about walking two steps behind his wife.

No Use For Dad

Meghan dumped her ailing dad after he had a massive heart attack and told him that if he wanted a relationship with her, he would have to cut off his other children. What caring daughter does that to her sick father?

Markle can claim that she had a great relationship with Prince Philip because they were both “royal family outsiders” all she wants, but here’s the thing. You never got this complaint from Gary Lewis, the ex-husband of Lady Davina Windsor or even Autumn Kelly, the ex-wife of Peter Phillips, The Queen and Prince Philip’s eldest grandson.

For those who don’t know, Gary is a New Zealander and has two biracial children with Lady Davina. Autumn is Canadian and has two daughters with Peter. Meghan’s “outsider” narrative never held any weight then; it certainly doesn’t now. Also, Meghan’s tale of Archie being first the royal of colour is false. Gary and Davina’s children were born in 2010 and 2012, respectively. Again, this shows that Meghan never cared to look deeper into the other minor royals.

Pretend You Care About A Woman You Tried To Strong Arm Into Allowing You To Be Queen

When Her Majesty The Queen passed, the Sussexes were in the UK for “work reasons.” Had she died before this, Meghan would not have gone. She would’ve claimed she had to help the children grieve when they didn’t even know their great-grandmother. This argument would’ve been insanely stupid if it had happened.

Meghan didn’t give two craps about the Queen. She claims she does, but if this were the case, why did Her late Majesty allegedly say before Prince Philip’s funeral, “Thank goodness Meghan is not coming”? It makes you wonder, huh?

Fast-Tracked Doesn’t Mean Seniority

Also, Meghan only ever met The Queen at least a half dozen times, including the only engagement she did with her, which she got to do before Catherine. The then Duchess of Cambridge had married William a few years before this time. So she never got to do an engagement with the monarch so soon after marrying into the royal family.

Markle was allowed into the fast lane. Catherine had to wait until she and William were married before she could do anything royal-based. At the Queen’s funeral, Meghan acted like the grieving granddaughter-in-law who had a close bond with her husband’s grandmother when she had little to no contact with her.

Markle Did Not Care About The Queen

If Meghan loved the Queen so much, why did she want to leave the United Kingdom so badly for Hollywood? There was no race issue, and she knew this, and she knew Her Majesty was no racist as she had been the monarch of many countries with people of colour. Also, there is a reason why the immediate family did not want Meghan at Balmoral the day the monarch passed away. They didn’t want her to go into the room, invited or not, and take pictures of the Queen’s lifeless body. What sane human being would do that?

Meghan doesn’t care about people. All she sees are dollar signs. At the funeral, she wept from her left eye multiple times, constantly staring down the barrel of a nearby camera lens.

Merch, Merch, Merch

One of Meghan’s favourite PR tactics is to mech whenever possible. The most straightforward example caught on camera was when she was seen wearing a necklace with H and M on it, and the Palace told her off because they didn’t want Harry to be merched.

When her relationship with Harry wasn’t as well-known, she wore bracelets similar to the ones Harry was known to wear. She would also write about the royals on The Tig, despite claiming she knew nothing about them when her childhood friends came out and debunked the lies. She also dressed one of her dogs in a union jack jumper. Then there was the now infamous spooning bananas picture.

Meghan continues to merch today. She goes to such extremes now; she even copies people’s outfits. We’ve already spoken about her need to copy Catherine’s outfits. Her childhood has spoken out about how obsessed she was with Princess Diana. She has dressed and posed just like her to the point of creepiness.

She has even copied Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama. Diana is her personal favourite because that’s the narrative she has been using with Harry.

Race Narrative

This is a PR point Meghan has used only in the last few years since she’s been with Harry, and that’s how her race is why people don’t like her and are “racist” towards her. Of course, this is the same stuff she has thrown out to Harry, who then cried to his press secretary that the media were racists and demanded a statement be put out calling them out. But, of course, we know Markle ordered him to do this, and if he didn’t, she’d walk, using his paranoia of losing girlfriends because of the press, to her advantage.

She even uses the narrative with her children when she tells Allison P Davis that she doesn’t want to “feed her children” to the same people who called her the “N-word.” If a person was ever caught calling anyone of colour that, they would be immediately fired. She claims the British press dubbed her children the “N-word” when it is not a word the British media would use. The word is primarily used in the U.S. The word isn’t even used in Australia. Oz has its own derogatory terms and doesn’t need to draw from its American cousins.

Prove You’re In Love When Negative Headlines Come Out

Sometimes, stories have come out in the press, and Meghan demands that she and Harry go on “date night” to shoot the rumour down as false. The latest story to come out is where she “debunks” the pregnancy rumours that she put out there. She thinks the world is stupid and will believe everything she says is factual. She has made Harry believe they are the most intelligent people in the universe and that everyone else is dumb.

Smile Down The Barrell of the Camera And act Surprised when it Finds Your Face.

In conclusion, Meghan Markle is one of the most transparent people on the planet. So she is surprised when the paparazzi find her and complains about it when she knows she set the pap strolls up.

Meghan has been setting up pap strolls since well before she met Harry. That’s not a secret. Then, she was a nobody and still would be if it wasn’t for her marriage to Harry and her constant need to be the centre of attention.

Her Public Relations strategy of “be as visible as possible even if you have to breathe down everyone’s throats” is getting annoying. It’s suffocating. People have fallen out of love with Meghan. She, and by extension, Harry, don’t seem to understand that the world no longer likes them.

There was a story released a while ago where Harry thinks the world is still in love with them. However, he is paranoid enough to believe that the British press makes the polls look like everyone hates them.

People do hate them because they’re in our faces daily.

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