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SUSSEX RUMOUR AND OPINION: Did Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Want To Be Co-Monarchs With Prince William And Catherine?

A new, rather absurd rumour is going around on Twitter about Harry and Meghan demanding to be named co-monarchs alongside William and Catherine when the time comes. So, before we go into the speculation, we don’t believe there are any grounds of truth here. We feel certain things, like the whole thing about the prince having reserved two hotel rooms. Meanwhile, we believe Meghan has her hotel room reserved elsewhere.

So, going to the rumour, during the 2020 Sandringham Summit, Harry allegedly demanded to be made the future co-monarch/co-Prince of Wales. An alternative theory is that it happened sometime around the Queen’s funeral, if it happened at all.

Anyway, Harry was laughed out of the room. The response on the screenshot theorises that if it did happen, the thought would have started around the time of the Australia tour when they were still popular. However, people didn’t see how horrible the pair was in front of the cameras. Trust me; there are rumours.

This is allegedly why The Queen had to send Prince Andrew to Australia to apologise for Harry and Meghan’s behaviour. The post continues. After returning to the UK, Harry demanded the Queen stand aside and Meghan become the new Queen.

It is alleged that Harry was under the belief that Meghan was “the true rockstar” who would usher the monarchy into a new age. He reportedly believed the entire monarchy should focus on Meghan as its Queen.

The Second Rumour

As you would expect, when the alleged demand didn’t go over as well as Harry wanted. The poster of the original rumour said that they believe this was when he was demanding he and Meghan be co-monarchs with William and Catherine.

The poster alleges this is why the Sussexes split from Kensington Palace and tried to set up “their own court.” A second rumour is attached to this that Harry didn’t just want to be co-monarchs; he wanted William to split the money from the Duchy of Cornwall with him too.

Why We Call Foul

These two rumours hold no weight whatsoever. Harry might be an idiot, but even he knows the Queen would never have handed over the crown to someone she barely knew. Also, Meghan has no blood relation to the Queen, and Harry would have known how it works.

With the co-monarchs thing, Harry would have known that this would not have been agreed to. He was raised in the monarchy and would’ve been aware that there is only a “co-monarch” if a monarch is underage and a regent is installed until the monarch is old enough. This allegedly is what Prince Andrew wanted to be to William after Diana died and Charles’ reputation was in the toilet.

Also, Harry would have known that the money from the Duchy of Cornwall isn’t for personal spending. It’s to provide upkeep. Only a tiny amount of it would be for spending. Finally, it wouldn’t be surprising if it came out that it was Meghan, ignorant of how things work in the monarchy, who whispered in Harry’s ear that they should be entitled to the Duchy of Cornwall title and the throne because of their “popularity.”

How We Know This Rumour Holds No Weight

Remember when Harry and Meghan were on the balcony during Trooping the Colour in 2019 after Archie was born? During the National Anthem, Meghan turned around to talk to Harry, and he sharply told her to turn around. It would’ve been around this time that their popularity was soaring. At this time, Harry still held respect for his family, particularly his grandmother.

He wouldn’t have put Meghan in her place if he wasn’t respectful during this time. He still had his marbles, in a sense, during the Australia tour. Though, this is not defending him in any way, especially with the story Tom Bower mentioned in Revenge about him checking his phone for negative comments. We don’t know how he behaved during the Australia tour, although Meghan allegedly threw tea at someone.

This is just one opinion. For all we know, it is true, though we will never know.

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