No, Catherine Was NOT In A Coma

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There have been rumours, thanks to the Sussex Squad, that Catherine, the Princess of Wales, was in a coma. This allegedly occurred during her two-week stay at the hospital after having abdominal surgery.

The reason why this has come up is due to a Spanish journalist, Concha Calleja, claiming a source told her that Catherine had been put into a coma following her abdominal surgery two weeks ago. She has doubled down on this saying as per Casa De Borbon (thanks for the screenshot, @littlecrumb4 on Twitter:

I reaffirm what I said…This happens when you touch a nerve; it is annoying. I fully trust my source. What happens is that they feel upset because we have discovered the truth.

Concha Calleja doubles down on her source telling her that Catherine, the Princess of Wales, was in a coma

Ms Calleja’s response comes as respected British newspaper The Times received word from the Palace that, no, the Princess of Wales did NOT go into a coma during her hospital stay. Cosmopolitan, citing the information from The Times, has said that Kensington Palace has denied that Catherine was in a coma.

According to Calleja, there were severe complications with the abdominal surgery. It was allegedly decided to put the Princess of Wales into a coma. Allegedly, Ms Calleja had spoken to a royal aide. Here’s the issue with this. If a courtier had spoken with a journalist without the consent of the palace, that person would be fired.

The Death Of Jacintha Saldanha

Also, does Concha not know what happened to Jacintha Saldanha?

For those unaware, Jacintha Saldanha was a nurse who worked at King Edward VII’s Hospital. On December 4, 2012, after it was announced that Catherine and William were expecting Prince George, an Australian radio station rang the hospital. Saldanha picked up the phone.

The radio hosts pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II and Charles (then the Prince of Wales), and Ms Saldanha fell for the prank call after she transferred the call to another nurse.

Jacintha was found dead three days later, on December 7, by security in her nurse’s quarters. Saldanha and the other nurse who dealt with the prank call were not punished. Saint James Palace did not blame them either.

The Saldanha family, specifically her husband, claimed at the inquest in 2014 that Jacintha did not have mental health problems and hadn’t attempted to harm herself before—however, some media outlets reported at the time that she had attempted suicide before. One such article was published by The New York Post on Christmas Eve 2012, a couple of weeks after Jacintha’s death.

According to the NYP article, Indian newspapers were quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that Jacintha had allegedly attempted to overdose on pills. She reportedly tried to jump from a building and had to be placed in a psych ward. How true any of this is unclear.

This whole story revolving around Catherine’s abdominal surgery shows how nosy the world is. Many take it as their opportunity to badmouth her (looking at you, Sussex Squad). These people consider that she has a wide range of ailments like cancer or she was getting a tummy tuck, which she does not need.

The Queen Death Hoax

Also, this whole situation is just like what happened when a US tabloid website called Hollywood Unlocked kept doubling down that The Queen had died in February 2022. However, her Majesty did pass in September 2022. The guy, Jason Lee (no, not the actor), was adamant that The Queen had died and was “waiting for confirmation.” The backlash was so severe that Instagram, where the story dropped, had been marked as false information. We knew straight away that the outlet was wrong as we know how a monarch’s death is confirmed in England.

To make it even worse, Jason Lee said he had never gotten a scoop wrong. He kept insisting he was right when it was clear he wasn’t. Also, a point we made at the time was why Buckingham Palace told an American outlet before the British press. It makes no sense. The same applies to Catherine’s situation. Why would an aide at Kensington Palace in England talk to the Spanish press? Wouldn’t it be easier to speak to the British press?

Perhaps Concha Calleja should focus on the Spanish royals instead of creating lies about Catherine, the Princess of Wales, being in a coma. The only way we will know if this is true will be if Catherine herself mentions it.

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