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Candace Owens’ Video About Meghan Markle’s Emotional Abuse Of Prince Harry Goes Viral

Candace Owens, emotional abuse

Candace Owens is not a woman you want to mess with. In a clip from her podcast regarding the Harry and Meghan Netflix show, Candace Owens brings up that Meghan Markle is emotionally abusive towards her husband. She uses his dead mother to control him. This is coercive control.

There are many forms of abuse associated with coercive control, and emotional abuse is one piece of this complicated puzzle. Candace Owens wouldn’t be saying that Prince Harry is being emotionally abused if there wasn’t evidence.

Signs Of Emotional Abuse And The Ones Meghan Markle Is Using

According to Reach Out, warning signs of emotional abuse include:

  • The perpetrator telling theHarry’s blinded ir victim that they’re not good enough
  • Making the victim question themselves and everything they believe
  • Issuing threats to leave if conditions are not met
  • Threatening to harm oneself or others (this includes animals) if the victim leaves.

Meghan Markle has committed three of the four warning signs. She has convinced Harry that his family and friends are toxic because they don’t like her. He has also changed his whole personality to reflect hers and believes she is just like his mother.

Markle has also threatened (allegedly) to leave Harry if he didn’t confirm her status as his girlfriend. She also demanded that he identify her as the victim of the “racist British press”. Though no one knew who she was or that she was mixed race. Harry feared losing another girlfriend, so he did as he was told, and the whole thing went from there.


Now, we get into the more serious emotional abuse. Meghan told Harry while she was pregnant with Archie that she wanted to end her life and that of their unborn child. She explained how she was doing it but claimed she wouldn’t because she didn’t like him to lose another woman, and Candace Owens was in.

Moreover, this is not compassion. It is manipulation. No person in a healthy relationship will tell their partner they want to kill themselves and their unborn child. Candace Owens has a right to talk about this as she is married to a Brit whose father is a member of the House of Lords.

Harry has nowhere left to turn as his wife controls every aspect of what he does. He even dresses in Dior like she does. Moreover, he is trapped, and Candace Owens was in the situation before many people were. 

Candace calling Meghan out for being emotionally abusive towards Harry gives much credence to things we’ve seen over the years from the former actress. She has used her status as a woman to get what she wants and when she got the chance to meet royalty, she used her mixed-race heritage to push a race war where one wasn’t needed. Not to mention, she did it through a man who has mother issues, a woman she so admired.

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