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Meghan And Harry’s Petty Grievances

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a TON of petty grievances and they’ve complained about over the years.

We thought we’d have some fun and pull up their petty grievances. The way we’ll do this is to split it up into three sections: Meghan, Harry and the two of them as a couple. We’ll also include rumours that have been going around for years. We’ll indicate which is a rumour.

Meghan’s Petty Grievances

Meghan is known to complain about everything that she doesn’t like. Here are several examples:

  • RUMOUR – Catherine wouldn’t take her shopping (as per the Daily Express).
  • The children did not get titles at birth.
  • RUMOUR Meghan hated Catherine because she married the better prince (Meghan is the Duchess of Lies).
  • Meghan didn’t get to live in Windsor Castle.
  • William and Catherine recoiled when she hugged them when they first met.
  • People said she had a stylist – when she probably did.
  • She had to walk behind Catherine.
  • Follow rules she did not believe in (the hat she “forgot” to wear while out with the Queen).
  • Dressing modestly and not in ripped jeans or wear overly dramatic nail polish.
  • Being criticised for everything she is doing wrong.
  • Had to give her passport and drivers licence over to the palace officials.
  • Archie looks like her – (see Harry talking about how much their son looks like her on the Netflix series).
  • She didn’t get the emerald tiara she wanted for her wedding.
  • That the whole British Royal Family and the British Public are “racist”
  • RUMOUR – Meghan wanted to be Queen (either Queen or co-Queen/co-Princess of Wales) because she was “more popular.”
  • She couldn’t make money off being a royal hence her alleging “I cannot believe I’m not being paid for this.”
  • RUMOUR – Was upset that Archie didn’t have a role in the coronation and that he wouldn’t get an acknowledgment since it was his birthday hence why she didn’t go.

Prince Harry’s Petty Grievances

Harry has petty grievances pretty much in every aspect of his life and he’s not to blame for any of it, according to him.

  • People mourned his mother when they didn’t know her.
  • William got more sausages for breakfast because he was going to be king.
  • William broke his precious necklace.
  • Meghan didn’t get everything she wanted for their wedding.
  • He blames the paparazzi for his break up with the true love of his life, Chelsy Davy.
  • He wanted to keep his security because his grandmother wanted him to keep it when it wasn’t her decision but that of RAVEC.
  • Catherine “stole” William from him when they got married.
  • That William had an “obsession” with the Middleton family.
  • That William is more beloved than him.
  • That Charles didn’t hug him when his mother died. We don’t know if this is true as it came from Harry’s book.
  • William and Catherine didn’t accept Meghan.
  • That his family couldn’t see how similar that Meghan was to Diana – newsflash, she’s nothing like his mother.
  • That his father was “horrible” to him by making jokes about his paternity and other things, including “not taking him on bike rides” as a child – newsflash, Harry. There is plenty of evidence to show he did.
  • That he was ‘cut off’ financially at 35 years of age.

Both Of Their Petty Grievances

  • The press were “mean”, “sexist” and “racist” when they were calling out her BS.
  • That they were told “no” on a constant basis because they wanted to do outlandish things – half-in/half-out.
  • That they were “neglected” by the palace and forced to fend for themselves.
  • Claim that the media and the palace lied that they didn’t ask the Queen’s permission to name their daughter Lilibet when it is clear they didn’t and they probably told the Queen rather than asked her consent.
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