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Ahsoka Episode 7: Thrawn Closes In On Ezra And Sabine, Anakin’s Last Holo And Hera Deals With The Consequences – REVIEW

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Ezra Bridger is caught up by Sabine Wren offscreen on what has been happening in their galaxy while he’s been gone, including her apprenticeship with Ahsoka. Before this, however, Hera was forced to defend her actions in defying the senate’s orders.

Hamato Xiono is still an ass who wants her court marital. Syndulla is also forced to lie and say that Leia herself agreed to the mission. After C-3PO comes in and saves the day, Mon Mothma pulls Hera aside and condemns her for lying, as she knows that Organa disagrees with the mission.

Hera Continues To Defend Herself And Anakin’s Holo

Syndulla continues to defend herself and says, Leia did agree; it just took her a while. Mon, understanding where she’s coming from, asks how significant the threat of Thrawn is. Hera tells her they must prepare for the worst, a line we’d forgotten about from the trailers that hadn’t been used yet.

Back with Ezra Bridger and Sabine, the Noti people are on the move when Shin and Baylan show up. Thrawn sends his people down to kill the pair.

On Ahsoka’s ship, she is seen training using an old hologram of Anakin. When Huyang walks in, he comments that he had no idea that Skywalker had recorded holos for her. Tano tells her that he recorded over twenty. This is the last one. The tone of her voice indicates how much she misses him. Also, there are references to Asajj Ventress, General Grievous and Count Dooku. This is the first time there has been a reference to Ventress in live-action.

What Is Baylan Planning? Thrawn Is Surprised Who Ahsoka Is Connected To

Baylan says his farewell to Shin, which feels off, but in a good way. We still don’t know much about him, yet we get the sense he’s using his apprentice. For what end, we don’t know, as there’s still one episode to go. Even Thrawn is mystified by what he’s doing.

Morgan Elsbeth finds an Inquisitorial database that contains information on Ahsoka. You can almost sense Thrawn’s stomach drop when he sounds almost surprised that she’s Anakin’s apprentice—a side note for those casual fans. Thrawn and Anakin met in the Clone Wars, just on screen. In one of the recent Thrawn books, they meet when Skywalker goes on a mission to rescue his wife, Padmé. The senator references Ahsoka by name and that she’s Anakin’s student.

Also, books don’t carry a lot of weight for screen projects. This was evident during the animated series Tales of the Jedi, which partially adapted the Ahsoka novel, but not to tremendous amounts of detail.

We Know What Zeb Has Been Doing And Reunion

Returning to the chat between Ezra and Sabine, Wren still skirts around how she found Bridger. There is also no reference to Jacen when Hera is brought up. Though, we get a reference to Zeb, despite how late it is in the series. Yeah, he appears in the mural in the first two episodes, but that is as far as it goes. We also learn what he has been doing, which is training recruits. Things get interesting when Shin’s forces attack, and Sabine tries to give Ezra back his lightsaber. He says the Force is his ally, much to Wren’s bewilderment. Shin almost takes Bridger’s head off but only manages to singe his hair.

Elsewhere, Ahsoka confronts Baylan.

Ahsoka arrives just as Shin orders her forces to kill Sabine and Ezra. She uses the Force to take her out without using her weapons. Once Shin runs off with her tail between her legs, the friends reunite for the first in almost a decade just as Huyang arrives with the ship.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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