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Chronicles Of Harkle: What The Heck Is Going On Between Nacho’s Wife And Meghan?


Okay, I wasn’t going to comment on this as I’ve given up caring, but I couldn’t help it. What is happening with Meghan and Nacho’s wife, Delfina? It’s eerie that these two are suddenly hanging out. Though, I do believe the theory that Baroness Bruck came up with on Twitter. Delfina may not like Meghan but is her frenemy. Yeah, I can see that.

For new people, you’re probably wondering who Delfina and Nacho are. Okay, so Nacho is the nickname of Ignacio Figueras Bermejo, an Argentine polo player and model. He is professionally known as Nacho Figueras. He has been friends with Prince Harry for several years, as they’re both avid polo players. Figueras married Argentine socialite Delfina Blaquier in 2004, and they have four children.

Many people have come to know Meghan’s antics well. She doesn’t allow people to post anything without her consent. So, Delfina would’ve had to get permission before she posted the picture to Instagram. What’s more, there have been instances where associates of the duo have posted and then removed their posts.

So, where does Delfina fit into all of this? It has to do with the post I linked in the previous paragraph. She praises Meghan like she is some goddess. But here’s the kicker; Markle came up with a nickname for them! She calls herself and Delfina “Pwives.” Yeah, I could not make this up if I tried. “Pwives” are the wives of Polo players.

Meghan is trying to create a polo equivalent of a WAG for any of my Aussie readers. For my international readers, a WAG is the wife or girlfriend of a male sportsperson. As far as I’m aware, the husbands and boyfriends of female sportspeople haven’t got a nickname.

Meghan Is Trying Too Hard To Be Seen As An Equal To Delfina

So, I’m going to say this once. Meghan is desperate for positive PR because her reputation is in the toilet. To all the Squaddies who might happen across this, it is my OPINION. Also, you can’t silence me as I live in a country where we can say whatever we want. Oh, and it’s my site, so if you don’t like my thoughts, don’t come here, write in the comments and complain. Your comments will be deleted like any other bigoted comment I’ve deleted from your awful group.

Anyway, back to the topic, I’ve seen photos where Meghan has looked cosy with Nacho. There was footage that I could no longer find, unfortunately, where she is touching his face. Now, I don’t know if Delfina would be okay with another woman, regardless if she was a friend or not, touching her husband. I would tell her to back off and keep her hands to herself if it were me.

Now, our friends over at Exposing SMG posted an interesting article to their site the other day, covering a vast array of topics. One subject was Meghan’s behaviour. It mentions that Meghan’s “inflated ego” became more significant when she married Harry. Yeah, I can see it. However, anyone who has followed her for the last five years will know that she has two sides—the nice side to those whom she deems at her level. The other is the bitch who sees most other people beneath her.

Another thing Exposing SMG revealed was that Meghan is looking for a much richer man. Before I continue, this is all alleged. ESMG says they do not believe she will ever win over a billionaire. She’s essentially like Emperor Palpatine, who had a dozen backup plans. She knows the marriage won’t last, so she must prepare herself.

Could it be possible that Meghan wants to take Nacho away from Delfina? It’s possible and certainly not out of the question.

The Bigger Problem With Meghan’s PR Stunts

PR Stunts are the only talent Meghan and Harry have, but even that’s not enough to keep their heads above water. What makes it even worse for them is that everything is now predictable. They plot to steal the spotlight from the royals. While it worked initially, it no longer does, showing them as utterly heartless. Remember the ‘pap shots’ of Meghan and Archie that dropped minutes before Prince Louis’ third birthday photos came out? They steal the thunder of children. Yeah, they’re that petty. So much for claiming Harry loves his nephews and niece.

I’ll cover in a later post a bit more of what Exposing SMG has said about Meghan and Harry. I’ll also go over my opinion on the OBGYN shutting down her practice. So anyway, the Sussexes are beyond predictable, and we’ve known for a while that their skills are lying and slamming the royal family. I believe Markle sold Haz some fantasy about having a happy life in America, where big businesses will give them everything they want because they’re super talented and connected.

However, they have not done anything for the deals they have made. Look at the disaster that is the Spotify deal. They’ve done one 35-minute episode that ended up behind whale sleep sounds. Also, they didn’t do that much talking. Famous people complained about the pandemic as they sat in their multi-million-dollar mansions.

Also, Pearl was canned from Netflix before it could even go into production. Also, the project was announced last year, and there was little progress. I’ve seen various things where someone said she wanted the main character to be a cross between herself as a child and a minor Disney Princess. I can’t remember which one. I think Disney would sue her for stealing their animation style if it had been put to air.

The Passes

Returning to the situation with Delfina and Nacho, could it be that Meghan’s touchy behaviour toward Nacho was her making a pass toward him? Someone commented on Exposing SMG’s comment feed that Meghan allegedly made passes at David Foster’s wealthy friends. It is also speculated that her so-called BFF, Serena Williams, refuses to have anything to do with her because she made advances toward her husband, Alexis.

This might’ve been that thing at the tennis match a couple of years back where she was caught flirting with Alexis and smiling at the camera over his shoulder. There are so many incidences. I’d love to know what Harry thinks of all of this. Is Meghan going to say, “Oh, they were making passes at me because I’m hot.”? Who knows at this point? I hope Delfina wisens up to her so-called friend’s ambitions and potential flirtations with her husband.

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