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J.R. Moehringer’s Alliance To Prince Harry Also Shows The Prince’s Lackluster Intelligence  – OPINION

Moehringer, Harry

They say flattery is the best compliment. But when you’re the Duke of Sussex, the last thing you want is to be exposed for being as fake as your wife’s constantly altered nose. According to an article in the Daily Mail’s Richard Kay, J.R. Moehringer was paid almost a billion United States dollars to write Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. Who truly knows if this is true? As the Daily Mail piece reveals, the ghostwriter, who has written for Andre Agassi, is almost as thin-skinned as his newest subject.

Spare is said to be filled with petty grievances and historical inaccuracies. One Richard Kay mentions in the article is Harry’s claim that many of his late grandmother’s corgis were descended from Queen Victoria’s dogs. According to the Daily Mail article, Queen Victoria had 28 bog breeds and over 100 dogs in total over her life. Queen Victoria never owned Corgis. Some breeds she owned included the Pug and Collie. She was one of the first people in the UK to own a Dachshund. Prince Albert came to England with a Greyhound. Another famous inaccuracy is the implication that the Windsors were descended from King Henry VI, who founded Eton College.

Inaccuracies And Moehringer Is Team Sussex

Henry VI’s only child was Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, who was killed at 17 during the Battle of Tewkesbury. Despite the heir to the throne marrying Anne Neville, Edward never had children with her. There are even claims that the marriage may not have been consummated. Also, they weren’t married very long before his death. Eventually, Anne became Queen of England when she married Richard III. She died aged 28.

According to the Daily Mail article, J.R. is on Harry’s side and hates any slights against him and his work. He wrote a 7k-word piece in the New Yorker that Richard Kay and his New York contributor Tom Leonard said was a whinge fest, and they’re correct; it is. This is not meant to be an opinion piece but only highlights his complaints.

Let’s get back to Harry. Before the op-ed from Moehringer, the prince has attempted to convey that he is a victim of the press. But, in the same thought, he believes it is okay to invade the privacy of people he knows—his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

When The Ex Moves On

Chelsy moved on from Harry years ago. She’s now happily married with a child and living her best life. Meanwhile, the prince has revealed that he wanted to marry his ex, not Meghan. In other words, Chelsy is the true love of his life. That’s got to hurt Markle’s ego as she sees herself as irresistible.

Meghan treats men like disposable hand towels. She also believes she can cure all ills with kindness and compassion when she treats people, including her in-laws (i.e. bullying her niece Princess Charlotte and sister-in-law Princess Catherine as she feels threatened by their status), horribly. Let’s not forget that she cut her family off.  She sees her dad, sister and brother beneath her because they’re not wealthy and an embarrassment to her who would give the world the truth about her lies.

Yelling At Harry

Moehringer yelled at the prince at 2am on a Zoom call. Did he not see what an unhinged man Harry was for wanting to include minor, unimportant details?  He didn’t even fact-check what he was told. The chances that Harry told him not to trust anything in the media are pretty high.

Also, who goes on the defensive and swipes at their detractors in a 7k-word essay? Narcissists, that’s who. Their allies are too afraid to speak out against them out of fear of being dumped. For those who mightn’t be aware, 7k words is about 25ish pages single-spaced. This is reminiscent of Meghan’s The Cut interview, where she was over 6k words and indirectly took simple swipes at her. Yet, the journalist who conducted and wrote the article was allegedly fired from her job because Markle didn’t like what was written. It’s unclear if this is true, but it would not be surprising if it were.

If Allison P. Davis, who happens to be African-American, can see through Meghan, then surely Moehringer, who is Caucasian, can see through Harry. But, unfortunately, Harry put on the charm with his “I am the victim of the media” narrative while also using the “I have to save my wife when I couldn’t do the same for my mother” routine. Also, he didn’t see through Markle either when she visited him and gave him sweets.

Not So Intelligent

Harry is not a smart cookie. He is using an article in his case against the Daily Mirror, which uses an interview he did as a teenager as the source. He claims the piece was written due to phone hacking and that Piers Morgan was complacent in the offence. The prince wouldn’t know how journalism works even if he lived in a different country. Despite the political divide, the media works the same in almost every nation on Earth. So, here’s a question that needs answering; shouldn’t he be going after every media organisation in the U.S. that has been calling him and Meghan out too? Oh, wait. The press doesn’t exist in America. Only the British media is evil.

Who has the better creditability here? Harry or Piers? Piers is a widely-beloved journalist who isn’t afraid to tell people what he thinks. He is also friends with various royal family members, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. As previously said, Eugenie may be a spy, but she’s not on the Sussexes’ side as she was once thought to be. Instead, she could be on the side of the family. Why? Because her cousin has committed too many slights against them, she doesn’t want to sacrifice everything she already has, such as her title, which her uncle, The King, could strip if he wished to. However, we know Charles won’t, as he doesn’t want another civil war with Prince Andrew.

Also, a blink-and-you-miss-it moment from King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s coronation has Harry joke that Princess Eugenie, who is heavily pregnant with her second child, has a massive belly. In the footage, she looks incredibly uncomfortable. She closes her jacket self-consciously. After this, she doesn’t speak to Harry. Instead, her husband, Jack, does as he sits next to him.

Trash Them, Trash Us If You Dare

Harry, like Moehringer, has a habit of saying things that will cause a backlash. The ghostwriter might be celebrated, but he was sucked into Meghan’s faux act of kindness like many wealthy people who need good PR. She uses people to get good PR for herself. She has always done this. In other words, she used the ghostwriter to get a good image painted of herself in Spare, despite Harry making that call, considering it’s his book. Though, Penguin Random House makes the final call.

In conclusion, Moehringer’s writing of Harry’s book shows us one thing. The prince reveals his true feelings and personality. To top it off, he also exposes a man so underdeveloped in his mind that he blames everyone else for his lot in life. It’s sad when he showed such promise. It’s heartbreaking to see, but he chose Hollywood and his wife’s dreams over his own. Now he has to live with it.

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