8 Great Moments From Elseworlds: Hour One

Hour One of the Elseworlds crossover started with a metaphorical bang. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) wake up in each other’s lives. They know they’re themselves, but their friends and families don’t see it similarly.

I’ve compiled eight great moments from Hour One. Feel free to agree or disagree. Please note, that none of these events is in the order they aired.

8. Oliver Wakes Up In Barry’s Bed

Our first moment from Hour One has been seen numerous times in promo trailers. Oliver wakes up in a strange bed and without his various scars. He ventures out of the bedroom and finds himself in Barry and Iris’s apartment.

Our favourite archer has no idea what the hell is happening and is pulled off guard when Iris kisses him and calls him Barry. He realises in that moment something isn’t right and why is his superhero BFF’s wife calling him ‘honey’ and ‘babe’?

7. Ralph Punches Barry In The Face

Who would have thought Ralph Dibny knew how to punch like a boss? After Iris spikes the wine Oliver (as Barry) drinks, Ralph comes in and punches Barry (as Oliver) in the face knocking him unconscious.

Ralph apologises saying “Sorry, dude” before he helps Iris lock the boys in the pipeline prison.

6. Barry Freaks Out Oliver Woke Up In His Bed With Iris

When Barry and Oliver realise something isn’t right, they go to the former Team Arrow hideout, The Bunker. Barry gets overly excited that he can now do the Salmon ladder without using his super-speed, which Oliver now has.

The situation gets awkward when Oliver reveals he woke up in Barry’s bed. So naturally, Barry freaks out at the prospect of his BFF sleeping beside his wife. 

5. Lois Threatens Barry And Oliver With A Hammer

Barry and Oliver visit their friend Kara Danvers on Earth-38, but their arrival doesn’t go to plan. Instead, they meet with Kara’s cousin-in-law, Lois Lane, who threatens them with a hammer.

Kara and Clark rush in to stop her before she can hurt them. Kara introduces Lois and Clark to her friends. When Barry and Oliver explain the situation on their Earth to her, everyone is in disbelief until Oliver shows them that he can vibrate the way Barry did. What a way to introduce our favourite intrepid reporter in Hour One, aye?

4. Barry Shoots Oliver In The Back As Payback

One of the funniest moments of The Flash episode was Barry getting revenge on Oliver for shooting him in the back four years earlier.

Standing the middle of a field on the Kent farm,  Barry and Oliver try to teach each other their abilities. Barry spends hours shooting arrows at paint cans. When he gets nowhere, he has Oliver run to the other side of the field. He fires an arrow at Oliver, who catches it with his speed.

As Oliver begins walking back to Barry, he gets hit in the back by two arrows fired from arrow launchers hidden in the grass. Barry squeals with laughter and excitement while Oliver looks at him for treating the stunt as a game.

3. Oliver Orders Barry To Dislocate His Thumbs

When Iris and Ralph have Barry and Oliver locked up in the pipeline, Barry and Oliver devise an escape plan. They use the cell toilet to get out, but to do it, Barry has to dislocate his thumbs to get out of his handcuffs.

At first, Barry refuses. Finally, Oliver tells him that if he wants to get out of the cell, he’ll need to get the cuffs off first. When he gets them off, Barry is surprised it worked.

2. AMAZO Attacks Clark In Hour One

The fight at the end of the episode sees Barry, Oliver, Kara and Clark take on the evil power copying robot, AMAZO.

After the bot copies everyone’s powers, Clark swoops in an attempt to stop it, but falls short. As he tries to land a combo of punches, the robot attacks him, throwing him back.

1. “Are you puffing out your chest?” – Oliver’s Ego Flares In Hour One

Barry and Oliver’s first meeting with Clark and Lois doesn’t go how Kara expected it would.

Oliver begins feeling a little intimidated by Clark’s presence, knowing what a big deal the Man of Steel is. Barry pokes fun at him when he sees his friend has puffed out his chest to look more menacing.

BONUS From Hour One: “Hit ’im, Barry!”

After Barry shoots Oliver in the back, they begin arguing with Oliver telling Barry to hit him. From the house’s porch, Clark, Kara and Lois are watching them before Lois yells to Barry to hit Oliver.

The comment is met with a look of disbelief from Oliver and looks of amusment from Clark and Kara. Seeing the looks before her, Lois comments Oliver was being a jerk and deserved it.

Elseworlds continues today on The CW.

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