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Are Harry And Meghan Afraid Of Three YouTubers?


Since when is having an opinion on something a crime? When it comes to the lavish, woke lifestyle of Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s a problem. They want the world to see them as world leaders. However, their horrible, disrespectful behaviour towards everyone has caused YouTubers to report on this self-absorbed couple who are never happy with anything. Furthermore, they blame their disasters on other people. Ultimately, that brings us to our question, is the reason Harry and Meghan refuse to go back to the UK because of YouTubers, According 2Taz, Yankee Wally, and Murky Meg? In the eyes of the Sussex Squad, yes, they are responsible. It is also the perspective of the scam bot. Conclusively, this is a follow-up to our post from a while back on the scammer.

Hang in there because there’s been one hell of an update with several new developments, and it’s not just the “FINAL report” we’re covering. We’ll also explore our opinion on this messy situation. So, a final warning to the Sussex Squad. We know you read this site. We’re aware you report back to your lackeys. We’ve spotted a pattern, and then you try to deflect by silencing those who have the facts.

Anyway, let’s jump into this post. Our first point will be the media removing the report stories.

The Media Publishes Bot Sentinel’s “Final” Report But Then Pulls The Stories From Publications

So, we all know by now that bot man has as an axe to grind against anyone who dares to criticise the Sussexes. His primary targets were, as we mentioned, Taz, Wally, and Murky, three British YouTubers. A sidenote, Wally is Welsh, but it doesn’t matter as Wales is a part of England.

Anyway, the Bot man, who we shan’t name, but you all know who he is, is pissed. Queen Gurtrude on YouTube is enjoying every second of it and has said the media have deleted the stories on the report. Our friend, Sue Smith, mentioned this in her latest video. Even Taz, who is heavily featured in the dossier of lies, posted a Tweet where she said that Newsweek removed her from their article. Conclusively, she has also requested that The Cut do the same.

As Sue states in her video, we linked above, even People magazine, which is a pro-Sussex publication, removed the story. Clearly, bot man thought the whole world would be screaming in Meghan and Harry’s defence. However, it has backflipped on him. As Queen Gurty points out in her video, the publications who were stupid enough to take the report as fact didn’t want a lawsuit.

These publications are sensible for removing their articles because they realised the BIGGER picture wasn’t about what the Sussxes or their followers wanted. Their articles could’ve tainted the lives of three women with opinions. They also knew that their articles were slanted and biased.

The Lawsuit

So, before the report came out, Jason Goodman, a journalist and business owner started legal proceedings against Bouzy. The reason was that the guy [Bouzy] accused him [Goodman] of raping a then-underage Muslim model he had never met. He also attempted to defame Goodman.

Before we continue, you can read the lawsuit for yourself. The timeline is extensive and contains other people being involved. We won’t get into it because sections are restricted to 300 words. Anyway, in a nutshell, the Bouzy is in a load of trouble spreading lies about Goodman just because the guy called him out. Ultimately, this shows how dangerous the man is. However, there is a good thing about this. Despite how much of a danger he is, he can’t do anyone any harm as he’s bankrupt. Continuously, he has threatened to sue people for talking about him and presenting evidence against him but hasn’t done anything about it.

We applaud Jason Goodman for taking a stand against a man who thinks because he has a verified mark next to his name on Twitter that he’s unbeatable. Well done, Mister Goodman.

Are Harry And Meghan Not Returning To The UK Due To Three Vocal YouTubers?

Sorry, this section took so long to get to. We wanted to build up to it. So, we have a theory as to why Harry is hellbent in his attempt to get the MET police for security before he’ll consider returning to the UK. He and Meghan are well aware of the YouTube accounts and people on social media as they apparently have secret accounts. How else was Harry able to “predict” the January 6th, 2021 insurrection?

Anyway, it is being speculated that either the Sussexes themselves or the Sussex Squad podcast could have helped Christopher Bouzy by donating the money to have the “FINAL” report commissioned. Again, this is speculation. We think it’s possible as Bot Sentinel requires handouts from the public to function.

Some YouTubers do hate Meghan and want horrible things to happen to her. This is not what Taz, Murky, or Wally do. They point out FACTS. Yes, Wally says things she shouldn’t at times, but why does that matter? She has a checkered past, but everyone does things they’re not proud of. Look at Prince Harry as an example. He dressed up as a Nazi, had one of his teachers cheat for him so he could get into Sandhurst, and he used racial slurs. The palace had to cover up for him to preserve his reputation.

The Sussexes are, therefore, worried that their critics, especially followers of the three YouTubers Bouzy named in his “report” will hunt down Meghan and try to kill her. We follow two of these three accounts. We do NOT want harm to come to the family. Murky and Taz aren’t a threat to them. They have NEVER said they wanted to harm them. Neither has Wally. Yes, she mentioned throwing tomatoes, but it wasn’t said maliciously.

The YouTubers Bouzy DIDN’T Go After

Now, we haven’t seen the list of Twitter users and YouTubers Bouzy put together. We have no reason to as it is HIS opinion and not factual. Twitter and YouTube came out and said that Bouzy doesn’t work for them. As our friend, Sue mentioned on Twitter, the guy complained about her video on him to YouTube, and they looked into it, and she was cleared of wrongdoing.

What has become apparent is this “report” only ever mentions non-verified Twitter accounts and small YouTubers. We’re referring to Wally, Taz, and Murky as having “small” accounts as none of them have over 100k followers.

Bouzy didn’t go after Lady Colin Campbell or anyone who is verified on Twitter or has a large following. He, therefore, knows smaller YouTubers will not be able to fight back if there is a lawsuit. Lady C was untouched due to her savviness and knowledge of how the law works. She is more of a threat than Taz, Murky, and Wally and all the smaller accounts put together. Why? She is a socialite with contacts. She can get insider gossip where no one else can. He wouldn’t dare go after her or anyone well known.

To go after YouTubers who cannot or will not fight back is a low and predictable tactic that only the lowest of the low will use. No sane tactician would strike a person while they’re down. To go after Wally, in particular, shows the type of individual bot man is. He treats her past as a crime. What does it matter if she was a brothel madam? Many people who work in the sex industry are highly respected. Wally has always been open about her past, so it’s no secret to anyone who follows her.

The Challenge

To keep himself relevant, a furious Bouzy posted a challenge to the three YouTubers he trashed in his dossier of lies and hate. 

Who does this guy believe he is? He’s been outed as a liar and a scam artist, and he thinks he can demand the three YouTubers he trashed in his “report” give him their earnings reports? One word. Delusional. Why should they hand over their earnings reports? If they do it (which they won’t), all the other YouTubers and bloggers should do the same. To have an opinion doesn’t make someone a hater.

Also, there’s a reason why many YouTubers and people on Twitter don’t use their real names. They don’t want people like the Sussex Squad and Christopher Bouzy to go after them and their families. After all, the hosts of the Sussex Squad Podcast have said they will go after the haters and the “racists” who dislike Meghan. From what we’ve heard, the hosts of this podcast are meant to be lawyers who should know better.

The woke crowd are nothing but cowards thinking they have influence so they don’t need to be held accountable if they get caught red-handed.

Harry And Meghan’s Paranoia Is Driving Their “We Need Police Protection” Narrative

Finally, we reach the end of this long, winded, and not really about the Sussexes’ article. Sure, it’s named after them, but it’s more about their lackey Bouzy and his opinion, note not “report” than anything else. Anyway, let’s get onto the last part of the post; Harry and Meghan’s paranoia.

If Harry and Meghan are afraid of people coming after them, it’s not going to matter where they go. There are people all around the world who don’t like them. Some of them are crazy, but most are not. However, they do not seem to understand that. They also are no longer members of the royal family. The only connection they have is their titles which should be pulled.

Meghan has gotten so deep into Harry’s head that he constantly thinks she is in danger and needs protection. If he was so worried about her getting hurt or otherwise, why did she set up a pap walk where only one security guard was with her? The US is one of the most gun-affiliated nations in the world. The UK isn’t as dangerous as they have tight gun laws. So, which is more threatening? The country with the heavy gun presence? Or the one without? You tell us.

Harry was essentially placed in the same position as his disgraced uncle Andrew. Allegedly, he [Andrew] wasn’t happy when Beatrice and Eugenie’s security was pulled a decade ago. Moreover, this was part of Prince Charles’ plan to slim the monarchy down. His goal was to not oppose the taxpayer. If the York girls needed protection, they would get security themselves. They’re rich enough to afford it. Finally, if the Sussexes want security in the UK, they need regular kind. Not the MET police, who are NOT for purchase from anyone.

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