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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Snubbing The Sussexes Is The Ideal Way Perserving The Monarchy


What do you get when you stick your head inside the Sussex chicken coop? The Sussexes are rapidly declining, and their fall is of their making. Of course, they can blame their families for everything, but their snubbing took a long time. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, never dreamt of a rift with those who were there for him during the darkest periods of his life.

However, they didn’t appreciate him throwing them under the bus as a show of might. Instead, he turned his back on them for his wife’s Hollywood dream of becoming an A-list celebrity and the next version of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Too bad few bought the Sussexes’ narrative of the racist British monarchy.

The British public rallied around the royal family like a moat surrounding a castle. They, too, were vilified because, according to the Sussexes, they didn’t welcome Meghan to the UK. Therefore they were all racist. Ah, if the people were bigoted, why were there crowds on the day of the 2018 royal wedding? Do you know the one that the duchess of drama told Oprah was a spectacle?

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If this were me, I would have been thankful people cared enough to show up and celebrate. But instead, it has been said that the Sussexes’ wedding had more viewers worldwide than William and Catherine’s big day in April 2011.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had a nice ring. She bought so much class until it was discovered that she was acting in one of her existence’s most notable performances.

The royal family were happy for their boy, Prince Harry, to find Meghan. Now, they regret their decision to welcome her into their ranks. She has turned them against Harry.

The Big Snubs The Sussexes Were Not Expecting

What boggles my mind and so many others is how the Sussexes said all those horrid things about the royals and then expected to be welcomed back with open arms. There is plenty of evidence from the Platinum Jubilee church service where they were not pleased with the snubs or the boos.

The reason for the snubs? The entire family knew they would be recorded. The only two people who spoke to them were the Duke of Kent during the Trooping the Colour and Zara Tindall at the church.

Zara only spoke to Harry. That’s just something I’ve heard on the grapevine within the Megxiteer community. What’s more, the seating was allegedly signed off on by the Queen. So, that photo of the Sussexes supposedly asking Beatrice and Eugenie to move down so they could sit at the end shows how even the York sisters wouldn’t dare defy their grandmother on such a historical event.

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An even bigger snub was how the Queen allegedly told the Sussexes they couldn’t have their private photographer take photos of their daughter, Lilibet. Now, it’s my personal opinion that the kids were not the Jubilee.

I thought that because the Queen told the Sussexes ‘No’, they refused to take the kids as emotional blackmail. So I believe this to be the case? Would they be cold enough to deny the Queen to see her great-grandchildren? Yes, I think they would be that cruel.

You can’t call someone your ‘Commander-in-Chief’ and then crap on them. Doesn’t work that way, mate. Perhaps it is the Aussie in me, but I do not appreciate having my country trampled upon. Nor do I enjoy having Commonwealth members called racists.

The Platinum Jubilee Snub

Harry and Meghan didn’t expect to get that massive snub at the Platinum Jubilee. They expected to sit with the senior royals but instead got placed with the second-tier royals. They must be delusional to think they would be placed with the ones who matter, especially after everything they’ve said about them.

Catherine was getting hate and death threats after Meghan told the world she had made her cry before the wedding. So it’s no wonder William was fuming. After everything Kate has done for Harry, he allows his nobody of a wife to trash his. Where’s the loyalty? It’s hard to see the Duchess of Cambridge embracing Harry again as a family. While he is William’s brother, that is all the Duke of Sussex is now. The distant relative rarely shows up to family events or doesn’t care about anyone else’s wellbeing, despite claiming he does.

Now, from I’ve heard, the Queen signed off on the thanksgiving arrangement herself. So it’s possible that Bea and Eugenie were told to play nice. I believe Beatrice is Team Cambridge as she and Edo appear to be on friendly terms with William and Catherine. Let’s not forget that Bea had an adorable moment with Charlotte a while ago. Harry thought his life with Meghan would be like that of William’s marriage to Catherine.

I believe Eugenie might have wanted to let the Sussexes take the aisle seats as she has no time for the Cambridges or Prince Charles and Camilla. However, given how she showed up at the Super Bowl with Harry and had dinner with him and Meghan, as seen in those staged pap shots, she is very much a Team Sussex supporter. I’ve written about it a few times, including where I wrote about Eugenie being a Sussex spy.

No Balcony Appearance For The Sussexes And The Booing

I can assure you that Meghan and Harry were not happy that they were not included in the royals who would get to stand on the Buckingham Palace balcony. I can almost see Meghan in the Queen’s crown doing her version of the royal wave while the crowd jeered and booed below her. In my mind, she would think the boos were cheering like she probably did at Saint Paul’s.

Theresa Longo Fans on Twitter report that the booing “BROKE” the Sussexes as they thought the public would love them. They have also said that Harry was devastated by the taunts. So he should be. He and his cowardly wife call the UK public a pack of racists. People aren’t going to get over it.

It is my opinion that the Sussexes are delusional by default. Let me explain. They believe that because their mystery daughter is named after her great-grandmother and The Queen has always had a soft spot for Harry, they can worm their way into whatever they want.

The Queen has better things to worry about. She has many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are named after her. Two of those happen to be Princess Charlotte and Sienna. In addition, Beatrice has Elizabeth in her name. So I think Her Majesty will be okay not knowing the Sussexes’ children.

Why The Sussexes Snub is Important

For the royals to snub the Sussexes would have taken a lot of restraint. Especially when it is alleged that they had recording devices on them, Meghan’s awful coat dress lumped the bust area, leading people to think she had a microphone. It wouldn’t surprise me if this were true. After all, the Sussexes were busted during their pseudo-royal tour in New York with microphones. Hence the reason for the oversize clothing that the Duchess of Sussex wore.

The royals aren’t ignorant like the Sussexes’ supporters make them out to be. They see through the pair’s act. It’s also deplorable to call them [the Sussexes] a couple because they’re essentially frauds with titles they don’t deserve. The couple lives for drama, especially when they attend the Platinum Jubilee.

Snubbing the pair shows a strength that shows the Sussexes that the family will not take their toxicity and how irrelevant they are. Moreover, the monarchy is putting its foot down and putting the duo in their place as anyone who knows how the game chess works will; only the Queen can move in any direction.

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