#ReleaseBatgirl: Long-Awaited Batgirl Movie Canned!


Warner Brothers have a LOT to answer for. Get #ReleaseBatgirl trending, folks, because it’s essential! The studio responsible for distributing Warner Brothers’ content has pulled the plug on the long-awaited Batgirl before it has even been given a release date. The film, which has been in post-production for a while, was unceremoniously cut according to Batman News, but the reasons are currently unknown.

If we’re honest, Discovery and Warner Brothers have a LOT to answer for in this regard. They’re allowing the Ezra Miller-led Flash movie to go ahead while the lead star is currently on the run from authorities. Meanwhile, Batgirl had a hassle-free production, despite having gone into development hell after Joss Whedon exited the project, which was probably for the best.

As you can imagine, fans are pissed and desperate to make an impact. Unfortunately, the cast and crew worked too hard to have the rug pulled out from under them. Fans have started the #ReleaseBatgirl hashtag, and #Batgirl is already trending on Twitter.


We’d already gotten a tease of Leslie Grace in costume. The idea of a movie centring on Barbara Gordon was so exciting. Now, we may never get to see it. We’re encouraging fans to retweet this post and tweet #Batgirl and #ReleaseBatgirl to get the word out. It’s been made clear by Discovery that they only care about the prominent named characters with big names attached. If the drama plagued The Flash can get a release date, so can Batgirl.


The film was in the final stages of post-production when it was cut, according to Discussing Film on Twitter. It has also been reported that the film costs between $90million to $100million to make. Over time, more information will come out, but until then, we fight this injustice #releasebatgirl until they give us back the film. If the Synder Cut vultures can get what they got, then so can we!

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