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Superman & Lois: Why Lana Should’ve Known About Clark From The Beginning

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Lana should’ve been told much sooner – Clark has revealed himself as Superman to his best friend and former girlfriend, Lana, but the aftermath could be explosive. With a new episode of Superman & Lois on May 31, we thought we’d cover this before it hits.

The episode could see Lana and Clark’s relationship turn sour. Having known each other since they were teenagers, Lana and Clark have always been close, even after they broke up. However, when he became Superman, it became a whole other issue. First, he decided to tell Lois when they were dating, and then he proposed sometime after that. Eventually, Sam learned that his son-in-law is Superman and the trio decided to keep the truth from almost everyone. Of course, Clark’s adoptive mother, Martha, knew about her son being Superman.

Lana is an interesting case for a couple of reasons. The first is that Clark has known her for a long time. Far longer than Lois and Sam. Two is that she should’ve noticed the signs years ago. When she and the Kents reunited in the first episode of Season 1, she commented that Clark’s appearance hadn’t changed since high school.

For Lana, learning her best friend is Superman is bound to sting. She thought she knew him, but she barely knew him at all. While this is a rather grim way of looking at the situation, the promo for the episode shows she might be more accepting than we thought.

[Credit: TV Promos – YouTube]

Despite the shock of it all, Lana speaks with Lois, who says there’s more to the situation than she realises. It’s unclear what she means by this, but we assume she means the trouble with the Inverse World. She may bring up Jordan’s powers and why her son was so distant from Sarah.

Lana Knowing Should’ve Been From The Start

When Clark and the family returned to Smallville for Martha’s funeral, it might’ve been the best to clue Lana into who Superman truly is. The reason for this would’ve made it easier for her to understand what was going with Morgan Edge.

By having Lana know about the Kryptonians, it would’ve made the situation less complicated, especially when Jordan and Sarah got together. Sarah didn’t necessarily have to be told, but it would’ve made her understand why Jordan wasn’t putting her first.

Lana has always been an understanding individual and she would’ve understood why Clark was always so secretive. It appears that in the new episode, she will have to accept the truth much quicker than she probably would like. If there’s one person who knows how she feels, it’s Lois as she went through it too.

Superman & Lois returns on May 31st on The CW.

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