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Sussex Drama Completes Its Cycle Of Destruction As Meghan And Harry Announce They And Their Children WILL Be At The Platinum Jubilee


The Platinum Jubliee will be seen as tainted – How much lower can Harry and Meghan go? The Prince and Princess of Hypocrisy have released a statement on their own son’s birthday to announce they will attend the Platinum Jubilee. However, Buckingham Palace said that only working royal family members will appear on the balcony. Ouch! That is bound to be an insult to Harry.

However, not all the royals will be on the balcony. Disgraced Uncle Andrew will also NOT be on the balcony. Neither will Beatrice and Eugenie. The only members that will be allowed include Charles and Camilla, the Cambridges, the Wessexes and Princess Anne and Sir Timothy. The Princess Royal hasn’t been mentioned in the stories we’ve seen, but we suspect she will be there with her husband.

We mentioned earlier that Harry and Meghan put out the statement on their son Archie’s birthday. Usually, they don’t shy away from gushing about the children. Now, do we think the Sussexes will attend the Platinum Jubilee? It’s difficult to say if they will or not as they will leave us guessing. Honestly, it’s a lose-lose situation, no matter how you look at it.

The public doesn’t give a damn. But some will say Harry is selfish for not being present for the most significant event during his grandmother’s reign. But, then, others will say he and his family should’ve stayed in Montecito. Yes, we know that sounds like we’re siding with the hapless duo, but we’re not. That plane has officially flown out of the airport and crashed.

Please Do Not Appear AT The Platinum Jubilee

We only care about the Sussexes are not seen in public as they’ve caused too much damage. If they were, they would make the entire Platinum Jubilee about themselves as they do every event they usurp. Instead, they’ve become relentless in not issuing their son a public birthday message.

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