The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And Beautiful: Finn Orders Liam To Stay In His Lane


Finn’s a thousand percent correct. Liam needs to stay in his lane…

Just when this baby daddy drama couldn’t get anymore juicy. Finn is determined to get Liam to stay in his lane. Good on him! However, he might not be able to prevent this if Steffy’s baby ends up being his rival’s. Ooh boy! It’s about to get really ugly.

There is no denying that Finn is coming from a really good place. He knows Steffy, Liam, and Hope’s history and will be damned if he allows his girlfriend’s ex-husband to ruin what they’ve been building. However, the conception of a child is another matter entirely. Especially when it’s not clear who the father is.

We’ve got the sick feeling it is going to be Liam’s. The Bold and the Beautiful has always been predictable when it comes to Steffy, Liam, and Hope. It might be a few weeks before we actually find out who the father of the baby is. We also know from spoilers that Brooke is not going to be happy when she finds out. We just hope it doesn’t make her think less of her stepdaughter since they’ve made so much progress in recent years.

For all we know it might be Finn’s and then he’ll get his way. We hope that ends up being the case.

Hope Is Not Falling For Steffy’s Prayer That Her Child Is Finn’s

Hope knows how Steffy’s mind operates. There’s no denying that the Forrester co-CEO is silently hoping deep down that her baby is Liam’s. We’ve said before that Finn is simply the heiress’ Plan B. She can’t have her ex-husband back so she got her claws into some other dude.

Remember how Liam didn’t want Steffy with Finn in the beginning? Well, he got to spend the night with her again and he said he still loved her.

Hope should be used to the merry-go-round that is Liam and Steffy. Not for a second does she believe that her stepsister thinks the baby is Finn’s. She wants another shot with her ex. She’s too selfish to admit it and Ms Logan knows this.

Steffy has been a thorn in Hope’s side since they were teenagers. All they’ve ever done is fight over Liam. That’s never going to change. Ms Forrester thinks she gets first dibs because her daughter is the oldest of her father’s two children.

Hope would be considered naive if she didn’t at least call Steffy out on her bullshit. She has been in the same lane for a decade. The woman who would never cheat on her man. Her stepsister is something else entirely. She’s jealous and it’s always been clear that her mother was envious of Brooke and Ridge and wanted him for herself.

What goes around, comes around as they say.

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