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5 Post-Divorce Things Meghan Markle Might Do Against Prince Harry

meghan markle post-divorce

We know Meghan Markle secretly plans her post-divorce life for when she eventually leaves Prince Harry. This comes off the back of her Operation: Snag A Prince, where she plotted to win him over by manipulating him by using parts of his mother’s life story as her own.

So we wanted to look into some post-divorce things Meghan Markle may do against Prince Harry. This is purely speculative and should NOT be taken as gospel.

1. Bringing Up The Drug Use

We know that Prince Harry has openly discussed his drug use and his love of certain drugs. But what are the chances that Meghan Markle claims post-divorce that he used drugs in front of the children and the kids were in danger because of it? It would not be surprising if this were the avenue she decided to take to get what she wants; royal children that she can sell to highest bidding brand to make money.

2. Domestic Violence

We know there are a ton of rumours out there that Meghan Markle has thrown things at people, i.e. the tea-throwing incident in Australia, which has been confirmed to be true.

There have also been rumours out there that when Harry was much younger, he roughed up sex workers while he was in the military. Whether this is true, we don’t know.

If this is true, then Meghan could use it against Harry by claiming she was a victim of domestic violence. However, he could also turn around and say the same thing about her as there were pictures from Morocco of Harry in the back of a car with what looked like a black eye and a bruise on his hand.

Meghan Markle violent
[Credit: Quora]

We were able to find these pictures through a thorough Google search, but the larger image has been scrubbed from the internet. It used to be everywhere.

3. Argue That She Needs Life Long Security Because Harry Is Unstable

Meghan is obsessed with saying she feels unsafe even though she lives in a gated community in Montecito where people have to pass through multiple security gates to get to the house. So what are the odds that Markle could proclaim that Harry did little to protect her and, therefore, she is demanding lifelong security that he pays for? Hmm. Pretty high if you ask us.

Also, she could cite how he lost his court case against the Home Office as a sign that he cannot protect her. Not to mention, she could claim he is unstable with unpredictable mood swings and whatever else she chooses to claim.

4. The Children Were Put In Danger

Knowing Meghan, she will claim that the children were put in danger and should not be put under their father’s care, and they should remain with her. It is well-established that in many custody cases in the United States, the mother gets custody over the father.

She could claim any incident, and she wouldn’t need evidence. The same applies to the potential claims of domestic violence. It may go one step further, and she could allege that he abused the children.

5. Saying Harry Is Racist (No, Duh)

This last one is a classic Meghan Markle move that she could likely play post-divorce. She could claim that Harry is racist and that she was never aware of his racist past. If this does happen, it shows how manipulative she is in getting what she wants.

Meghan told Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, her former British agent, that she had researched Harry before their first date. Part of that research could have included what he did during his military career. One of those aspects is his racist comments towards fellow soldiers.

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