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Extraction – NCIS: Sydney Episode 6 – REVIEW

Extraction, NCIS: Sydney

When a guy stumbles out of a drug lab and dies on a bus, NCIS: Sydney has to find out, which is what happens in episode 6, Extraction.

Team Sydney’s field agents are undergoing an evaluation when Mackey gets a call about a man dying on a bus. Evie inspects the body and seems to recognise the man. DeShawn joins her, saying it looks like she’s seen a ghost.

The Body On The Bus

Roy, Mackey and JD check the body and find that the man is wearing navy gear despite having earrings and tattoos, which are not regulated.

Blue reveals that one of the jackets the victim was wearing was dripping in sweat and that his skin had absorbed cocaine.

At her desk across from DeShawn, Evie slips the victim’s wallet into her desk drawer. DeShawn shows her the CCTV footage, and Evie suddenly goes pale. She dismisses DeShawn’s concern when he asks if she’s okay. She then leaves to “work from home.”

DeShawn continues to watch the CCTV until it gets to the part of the footage where Evie enters the bus and takes the wallet, leaving him confused.

Evie Forced Undercover

At her home, Evie has just gotten out of the shower when a gun is pointed at her head. She comes face-to-face with the two guys who were on the bus. One of the guys call her ‘Jess’.

DeShawn shows up to talk to her but sees her being escorted out of the house by the two guys from the bus. He then decides to do a little extraction of his own by going undercover to see what’s going on. To stop DeShawn exposing her, Evie punches him in the face before dragging him outside.

The drug boss arrives and orders Evie to tell cocaine from hydrochloric acid. Turns out they’re both hydrochloric acid.

At HQ, DeShawn tries to get Evie’s desk drawer open. Blue offers to get him the spare key. Managing to get the drawer open, he finds the wallet just as JD and Mackey walk in.

Mackey says they must talk with Petty Officer Leeson about the missing gear. She calls the ship store only to find out Leeson hasn’t been seen since she and JD visited him. Roy returns from the morgue and reports that he traced the serial number on a femur rod to their John Doe. After getting the name, DeShawn checks the ID Evie found, revealing it’s not the only name the body had.

Drug Supplies

As Evie is forced to help out in getting drug supplies, JD shows up and pulls her out in an extraction of sorts. DeShawn is forced to explain he had to tell the team. Evie explains, obviously terrified that the drug cartel is waiting for their chemist and that John Doe was an undercover cop who was supposed to “the chemist.”

Evie says she didn’t choose the position, and if she refused, someone would die. Mackey assures her that the other guy isn’t her responsibility; Evie is. DeShawn tries to stop her from going back but can’t stop her.

Returning to HQ, DeShawn wants to put Evie out, but JD says they can’t without compromising her. They and Mackey are met by a detective who says he was pinged by one of his own. The John Doe now lying on Roy’s autopsy table is one of his. The detective was told the guy was in custody. Roy explains that he can’t take the body because he’s involved in a major investigation.

Drug Cartel

Mackey then pushes the detective, mentioning the drug cartel. JD mentions Evie, explaining that she’s back inside the operation. The detective questions why and says Evie’s involvement predates him. Mackey tells him that that is what they’re trying to work out.

The team enters an abandoned warehouse where they find Petty Officer Leeson dead, tied to a chair. Roy finds a hair on the body.

At the drug lab, Evie is told the drugs are in the lining of the navy jackets.

Evie is forced to spend the night at Kane Mason’s house. Away from the lab, she reveals to Mason the guy she hit was her partner, her friend. She snaps at Kane saying the guy that died, Robert, was his best friend. It’s also revealed that Kane and Evie used to be in a relationship.

Back at NCIS: Sydney HQ, DeShawn and Blue realise that the picture found on the dead guy’s phone wasn’t about IDing the guys in the background, he had snapped a picture of the drum with a the chemical equation.


JD, Mackey and DeShawn argue over what they’re going to do. They know the lab with blow with everyone inside if they don’t go in. JD says they’ll have to get creative.

At the lab, a car shows up, and a figure gets out; it’s JD in disguise. Evie has to struggle to keep a straight face. Outside, Mackey and D show up in the car. Mackey says that she just got a call that they missed the true drug lord and they have to hope that JD can get Evie out before the real drug lord gets there.

Outside the lab, Mackey and D knock the guy out before they’re able to get in.

With gungs pointed everywhere, Mackey finds the detective from earlier appears. She gets a call from Blue, who says that 6 barrels of Accelerate were signed out of evidence. When asked who did it, Blue reveals its the detective currently in Mackey’s presence.


Mackey and the detective then get into a fight. Mackey wins the fight and rushes to the inside lab. She reveals to Mason, Evie, D and JD that the detective sold Mason out and likely framed him for the murder of Leeson.

The group runs out and is met by the detective, who attempts to stop one of his cronies from blowing the place up. The cronie fires his gun and the whole place goes up, taking the detective and the cronie with it.

The real drug lord shows up and is arrested.

Back at HQ, things are tense with DeShawn and Evie, who hands her badge to Mackey. Mackey says she likes having Evie around and doesn’t fire her.

Roy then eggs JD and Mackey to practice their sparring skills.

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