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Prince Harry Loses His Case Against The UK Home Office And Demands Names – OPINION

Prince Harry Home Office

Prince Harry thinks he is entitled to all-around tax-funded security from the Home Office. However, you don’t get to keep the perks when you leave a job. However, he doesn’t appear to understand that.

According to the Daily Express, Prince Harry’s four-year battle against the Home Office had him demanding that they give him the name of the person who decided not to cut his security.

Prince Harry Is Irrevelant

He is no more important than his cousins Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall are. Prince Harry knew that he would lose his security if he left the royal family and, therefore, moved to another country. His paranoid is epic at this point.

Just because his father is the King of England and his mother was killed in a car accident doesn’t mean he is important. No one cares about the former spare. If anyone wanted to kidnap a royal, they would go after the more vital members of the family.

However, the Taliban weren’t too happy when he revealed in Spare that he killed 25 of their people, thinking of them as chess pieces rather than human beings. Perhaps he realises that mentioning this fact was a bad idea. He has never thought things through, like marrying Meghan in haste and threatening his grandparents with racism claims if they declined.

Just an FYI, we don’t know if he did threaten the Queen, but the rumour has been around a while and refuses to die.

Meghan Puts Her Own Safety At Risk

Also, does Prince Harry not realise that the Home Office is well aware of how his mother died? She died because she was in a drunk driving accident with a driver who was over the limit, and she was not wearing a seat belt. Yet his wife is seen in photos inside cars without a seatbelt. Notice in the second picture that Archie isn’t strapped into a car seat?

It would have been bad if that car had been speeding and Archie wasn’t strapped in. Also, given the way Meghan sits in the same picture, she wasn’t wearing a seat belt either. This says a lot about how she views her own safety. She wants to be seen as Diana, and having pictures taken of her and Archie in a car without seat belts would trigger Harry. However, he doesn’t want to admit how his mother actually died, so the seat belt thing probably wouldn’t phase him.

Also, Meghan used the car analogy during that summit thing she and Harry did in New York with families of children who had been affected by cyberbullying. To a sensible person, the car analogy has nothing to do with bullying. However, it could be used as a way to trigger Harry’s issues and, therefore, his paranoia.

Does Meghan Like Seeing Her Husband Squirm?

Meghan either enjoys seeing Harry squirm, hence the no seat belt, or she has no regard for personal safety and thinks she is safe because someone else is driving. It could be a combination of the two.

Prince Harry fights with the Home Office because he wants to please his wife. However, he should know it is impossible to please her. Look at her messy wedding dress as an example.

Just because Prince Harry is the son of the current monarch doesn’t mean he’s important. We’ve said before that Harry stopped being relevant when Prince George was born. With the addition of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, he stopped being the centre of attention. He cannot understand any of that, though the Home Office did and denied him what he wanted.

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