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What Is The Mythosaur In Star Wars?

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The Mandalorian is pulling out all the stops during its third season, including the appearance of the thought-extinct mythosaur. When discussing this legendary creature, we must understand its purpose in the wider Star Wars universe. In this post, we’ll only be exploring the canon explanation.

So, what exactly is the mythosaur? It is a large beast that is considered the symbol of Mandalore. It is long believed to be extinct, until last week’s episode of The Mandalorian when it appears at the bottom of the lake that Din Djarin attempts to cleanse himself in to atone for his sins for removing his helmet.

If there is one thing Star Wars does super well, it’s leaving its audience in suspense. Having the horror element in the episode shows that they understand the desire to see the unexpected. The mythosaur appearing was not something any expected to see. Ever. Its skull is iconic.

Screenshot is taken from Wookieepedia page.

The First Mythosaur Appearance In Star Wars

The first time the mythosaur appears in Star Wars is during The Empire Strikes Back as a sigil. However, in chronological events, the first appearance is as a sigil on a cape during the Clone Wars episode, ‘Voyage of Temptation’.

During the events of The Mandalorian, Kuiil scolds Din for giving up in his quest to ride the blurrgs, reminding him that his people (the Mandalorians) rode the mythosaur, a more difficult feat.

The mythosaur was first reintroduced to Star Wars canon in the thirty-second issue of the magazine, Build the Millennium Falcon. However, the first full appearance was in last week’s Mando episode, ‘Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore.’

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