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If Meghan Starts Up The Tig Again, What Could She Include? Todger Scented Candles? – OPINION

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Rumours continue to swirl about whether Meghan Markle’s former blog, The Tig, is making a comeback. So, I’ve wanted to do this post for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to it. So, we all know that the former actress wants to be seen as the next big influencer or Gwyneth Paltrow 2.0. When I wrote about the potential return of the blog the other day, I think I mentioned that Megsy could sell Todger-scented candles like Gwennie sells vagina-scented perfume and candles.

So, I got thinking. What could be included on the new Tig if it happens? I can see my fellow bloggers going, “Oh, god. What are you thinking?” regarding what Meghan could have on the site. Now, we know some potential things already. A while ago, Tigtots was trademarked back in 2019, according to Irish Tatler. The article was published in November, a few months after Archie’s May 2019 birth.

Merching The Children

Also, we know how much Meghan loves merching her outfits. She will profit off her children as she never cared about them as individuals. Tom Bower mentioned in his book Revenge that her first husband, Trevor Engelson, wasn’t “father material” for Markle. She married him solely to advance her acting career, which wasn’t very far.

Bower also noted that Trevor wanted children with Meghan, but that wasn’t where she was at in her life at the time. However, we know that Markle says one thing and does the opposite. Look at the titles debacle with the kids. She told Harry that she didn’t care about titles. But then, she demands that everyone call her “the duchess” and that her children be given princely monikers. I’ll go over that in another post. This brings me back to the blog.

Will The Tig Be A Mummy Blog? Or Will It Sell Todger-Scented Items?

Will The Tig 2.0. be the same as before, or will it be more of a mummy blog? I think it might be a bit of both. As I mentioned, she could sell Todger-scented perfume, candles, or whatever. People who know Meghan’s MO will know she will create a rip-off version of Goop.

What made Goop as successful as it is coming from the quirkiness. Jade eggs up the vagina for exercise? Sure, if you’re into that kind of thing. So, what will stop Meghan from profiting off her husband’s todger? Likely nothing. This could be a situation like in the sitcom Ghosts (US), where a guest of the Woodstone B&B is a historian obsessed with one of the ghosts who was a jazz singer in the 1920s. He has a massive tattoo on his back of her face and a jar of her toenail clippings that he found online.

For all we know, Meghan could start selling jars of Harry’s private hair, claiming it has “special properties”. She could also merch clothing “inspired” by the children. My number one thought that I bought up earlier is that she will rip off Goop by selling the same items. It wouldn’t surprise me as she’s ripped off other people’s speeches and she’s tried to emulate fashion looks from:

  • Diana, Princess of Wales (obvs!)
  • Catherine, Princess of Wales (jealous, much, Megs?)
  • Grace Kelly
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Michelle Obama

The Tig 2.0 “Items”

Let’s review what The Tig 2.0 could sell if Meghan makes it a store.

  • Todger-scented or, better yet, Todger-shaped candles.
  • Private hairs.
  • Healing crystals.
  • Yoga mats.
  • Clothing lines called “The Prince” and “The Princess”.
  • “Cheap” jewellery that is worth $5k or above, and she considers it cheap.
  • Jade eggs.
  • Bags of weed.

The Tig 2.0 Topics

I could go on. Finally, I want to touch on the topics the blog may cover.

  • Lili and Archie and their resemblance to Princess Diana.
  • How Doria was the perfect mother, despite never being around.
  • The Royals were toxic and wanted Meghan to confront their way of life.
  • More talk of “my husband,” never referenced by name.
  • How we should be saving the environment, but it’s okay for Meghan and Harry to take private jets.
  • How to spend a million dollars in nine months.
  • How Harry loves talking about his todger.
  • How saintly Meghan is and how she is just like Princess Diana.

Care to add more? Comment under the tweet of this article.

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