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Will There Be An Explanation Into What Happened With Cara Dune?

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The Mandalorian returned to Disney+ last week, and fans got a rather interesting response to what happened to Cara Dune, the new Marshall of Navarro. Now, for those who mightn’t know, actress Gina Carano was fired from Lucasfilm in 2021 for unsavoury comments she made on social media, as per the Hollywood Reporter.

Since Carano’s firing, fans have questioned what will happen to her character, Cara, a recurring staple in the first two Seasons of The Mandalorian. The Season 3 premiere, The Apostate, answers the question quicker than everyone thought.

According to Carl Weather’s Greef Karga, Cara was recruited to the New Republic Special Forces after she assisted in capturing Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito); she was more or less given a promotion. Therefore, the position of Marshall was left open.

Karga tells Mando that the position is his. Din turns down the offer as he looks to atone for taking off his helmet, which is against the ideals of the Children of the Watch. In other words? It’s a big no-no.

Will we see Cara again? Probably not. Will she be mentioned? Furthermore, the only thing that we can say is maybe. If Gina issued an apology, maybe she could have a one-off, but it’s unlikely she was fired two years ago. Also, she’s moved on to other projects. Moreover, the only logical thing they can do outside of killing her is to recast her.

Recasting Cara?

At the time of Gina’s firing, Indiewire reported that the role of Cara Dune would NOT be recast. However, multiple news outlets recently said the character might return with another actress. How accurate these other sources are, we have no clue.

In the end, the story doesn’t centre around Cara. It’s a father-son story with Din and Grogu. It is their ongoing tale, and they should be the focus.

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