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What Is The Fireworm Queen In How To Train Your Dragon?

Fireworm Queen, How To Train Your Dragon

The Fireworm Queen is almost like the Queen Bee in the How To Train Your Dragon universe. Like the Queen Bee, the Fireworm Queen lays thousands of eggs. The only known Fireworm Queen resides on Fireworm Island.

An average fireworm isn’t all that big and can be used in lamps to provide light, like fireflies. A comment that Fishlegs makes during the first appearance of a Fireworm is that they’re as hot as the sun, which isn’t accurate since Tuffnut could hold one in his hand.

The Fireworm Queen is probably best known for restarting Hookfang’s fire after he started showing signs of sickness. Snotlout and the other dragon riders thought he was dying since he couldn’t flame up.

Get To Know The Fireworm Queen

Not much is known about the Fireworm Queen outside of the handful of appearances she has made. It is unclear if all the fireworms that pop up through the franchise are from the one Fireworm Queen or if there’s another one. Although it is believed that every colony has its own queen, which makes sense given how many there are. Fireworms hatch from eggs known as firecomb, almost like honeycomb with real-life bees.

Unlike bees, though, Fireworms can’t fly while the Queen can. Also, it is evident that when Fireworms are close to each other, they glow brighter. A queen is about as big as the Boneknapper. There is also such thing as a Fireworm Princess. If a female is born and there’s already a monarch, the Fireworm Princess will form her own colony, becoming the Fireworm Queen. All the other fireworms are male unless they have wings, like with ants, as only royal ants can fly.

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