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What Are Muggles In Harry Potter?

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Muggles are “the non-magic folk” of the Harry Potter universe. Depending on where the tale is set in the world’s history, Muggles are either aware of things going on with the magical folk or not. One example is how the American magic school Illvermony was founded. One of the founders was a No-Maj, the American term for Muggle. There is also a French term, Non-Magiques.

We’ve previously covered whether Harry Potter was a muggle and how one becomes a half-blood. Hint: there are more ways of becoming one through genetics than there are for other blood statuses.

Without Muggles, the wizarding world would be dull, especially for Harry Potter. The boy wizard’s maternal family are mortal but are well-aware of the magical world.

Lily Potter, Harry’s mother, was muggle-born. She was the only magical member of her family, which caused her older sister, Petunia, to be jealous of her, causing a rift between them. What’s more, is that Petunia and Lily married very different men.

Petunia married Vernon Dursley, a muggle, while Lily wed James Potter, a pure-blooded wizard and former classmate.

Well-Known Muggle Characters

  • Petunia Dursley (sister of Lily Evans Potter)
  • Vernon Dursley
  • Dudley Dursley (Harry’s cousin)
  • Tom Riddle Snr (Voldemort’s father)
  • Dean Thomas’s mother
  • Jacob Kowalski (American no-maj)
  • Hermione Granger’s parents
  • Robert McGonagall Snr (Minerva McGonagall’s father)
  • Henry Shaw Jr (American no-maj)
  • Mary Riddle (Voldemort’s grandmother)
  • Ted Tonk’s parents (grandparents of Nymphadora Tonks)
  • The Tudor Dynasty of the British royal family
  • James Steward (co-founder of Illvermorny)
  • Dean Thomas’s half-siblings
  • Dean Thomas’s stepdad
  • Dudley’s children
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