Why Paz Socorro’s Death Made Jake A Better Parent

Jake Sully, Spider Socorro

Jake Sully became a parent to five children, with one, Miles “Spider” Socorro, being unofficially adopted. However, the death of Paz Socorro, Spider’s mother, who was on the side of the RDA, allowed this to happen.

Moreover, Jake says in his opening narration of The Way of Water that Spider was like a stray cat who wouldn’t stay away. The scientists at Hell’s Gate raised the child, but he always found his way to the Sullys.

Jake never had a problem with Spider hanging around his four children despite knowing that the boy’s father, Miles Quaritch, had tried to kill him and Neytiri. Speaking of Neytiri, she didn’t like Spider around her children, especially Kiri. Because she knew who Spider’s father was, she only saw a carbon copy of the evil man. Her view opposed Jake’s, who knew everything the RDA and Quaritch had done had nothing to do with Spider, meaning he was not to blame.

There Was A Lot Of Love Between Mother And Son

There’s not a lot of information on Paz Socorro, but one thing is clear. She loved her son greatly and died when he was only a baby.

Meanwhile, Jake has a relatively good relationship with his eldest son, Neteyam, and his eldest (and adopted) daughter, Kiri. He loved his youngest daughter, Tuk, but his relationship with his youngest son, Lo’ak, was complicated.

There was no question that Jake loved Lo’ak, but he was fiercely overprotective and could see much of himself in him. Lo’ak, however, hated that his father would compare him to his brother, the golden child. In other words, the favourite.

Lo’ak couldn’t understand why Jake was so hard on him. Little did he realise that this was to prevent him from becoming Jake Sully 2.0.

What Does This Have To Do With Paz Socorro?

You might be wondering what this has to do with Paz Socorro. Jake ended up raising Paz’s son partially alongside the scientists. He understood Spider’s plight better than the others as he’d never completely fit in on Earth as it was a hellhole. Spider had nowhere to go, as he’d been born on Pandora. He couldn’t return to Earth as he was too young to be put into cryosleep and sent to a planet he had never known.

Despite his history with Spider’s father, Jake didn’t have an issue with the child and wanted to ensure he didn’t turn out like Quaritch. Part of him saw himself in Spider, a stranger in a birthplace he never truly belonged in. Jake had found himself a home on Pandora, so he decided to transfer his consciousness into his Avatar, as his home was wherever Neytiri was.

Spider was essentially a Na’vi in a human body, while Jake had been the same way.

Did Jake Sully And Paz Socorro Know Each Other?

It’s unknown if Jake and Paz knew each other. But her death taught him one thing: don’t judge someone based on who their parents are. Sure, she and Quaritch were part of the RDA, but he had seen with his eyes that some had been willing to reform. One example of reformed RDA personnel was Jocelyn, who was known to tell off Jake’s children for not following the rules at High Camp.

Another point to note is that Jake taught his kids to respect everyone, regardless of whether they were always allies or had been reformed. One example is when Kiri mocks Jocelyn, and Lo’ak has to apologise for his sister’s behaviour.Norm and Max may haved taught the kids respect, knowing Jake and Neytiri would be breathing down their necks if they didn’t.

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