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Thomas Markle DEBUNKS More Claims About Meghan


Thomas Markle is on a debunk mission – Meghan had better watch out because her dad is setting the record straight. Tom has gone on a debunk quest while chatting with Megxiteer YouTuber, PDina. During the interview, which is in a couple of parts, with the second part coming soon, they spoke about various topics, including rumours of how certain things went down.

Tom’s biggest debunk the story that surfaced about Meghan gluing a girl’s eyelids shut while she was in college. Thomas said this did not happen. Though, he did confirm she was in a sorority and how she had a Soprano themed party. The party was a new piece of information.

Thomas also explained how the estrangement came about between him and Meghan. He states that Meghan threatened never to talk to him again if he didn’t tell Thomas Jr and Samantha to stop talking about her. He even hammers home that you cannot control your children when they’re in their 50s.

Another debunk he did back up what Samantha said about Meghan’s “rickety old” car. But, of course, we all know the story about how she claimed her car was so beat up that she had to climb in through her back. She has told this story twice.

Samantha did a debunk of this too a while ago.

And The Debunk Continues

Thomas also revealed that he and Doria walked their daughter down the aisle when she married her first husband, Trevor Engelson. He also backs up the claim that Samantha was invited to the [first] wedding but couldn’t go. Tom also states that Tom Jr allegedly wasn’t invited.

PDina also bought up what type of men Meghan has dated over the years, and Thomas said that Harry had been the only redhead Meghan had dated. Tom also bought up that all the guys she’d dated previous were lovely and, by the sounds of it, mostly of ethnic backgrounds.

What was interesting is the comment he made about Meghan not having very many black friends. Tom also goes one step further. He adds that Meghan never had an issue with being mixed-race outside of the situation where he told her to draw her own box. So, her “struggles” in getting acting jobs had NOTHING to do with her skin colour. While this wasn’t bought up, it had more to do with her talent.

Finally, during the debunk, Thomas dismissed Meghan’s claim on Ellen that the security guards wished her luck. As someone who worked on film and television sets, Tom would’ve known that security people ensured safety. They didn’t have the time to form personal friendships with the people going in and out.

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