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Meghan Markle’s Relaunch As A Mummy Lifestyle Brand Under TigTots

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Meghan Markle tells everyone she hates the mainstream media. There could be a reason for it, as the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden and the Mail Online’s Jessica Warren exposed in November 2022 that the trademark for The Tig had been under review after being rejected. The application to reapply the trademark had been applied for a year earlier. What’s more, is that there was another name put under The Tig umbrella; TigTots, meaning she wants to be a mummy blogger, or better yet, a parenting influencer.

Let’s backtrack a little bit. Because there is a lot of moving parts to this mummy blogger/ parenting influencer/TigTots story.

The Tig For Parents: Introducing TigTots

We all know that Tig was the lifestyle Meghan Markle rang during her time on Suits until she met Prince Harry and had to shut the site down. Or did she?

So if TigTots is eventually launched, it would be essentially The Tig, but for parenting tips and whatever else Meghan Markle will want to preach on her mummy blog.

The TigTots Launch Timeline – Failure To Launch

The timeline from what we can gather is the following:

  • Meghan Markle starts in The Tig in 2014 – after her divorce from her first husband, Trevor Engelson a year earlier (in 2013).
  • The Tig was shut down in April 2017, a number of months before Meghan and Harry announced their engagement.
  • The Wayback Machine started taking snapshots of on August 8 2018
  • The Sun newspaper broke the story in September 2019 that revealed The Tig would likely return after Meghan Markle’s business manager, Andrew Meyer, renewed the trademark. The newspaper also rclaimed that Meghan had registered TigTots to prevent people from trying to take her former “passion project” as their own.
  • Two TigTots Twitter accounts (@tigtots and @tigtotsofficial) were launched in September 2019 – four months before the Megxit announcement.
  • Elle magazine mentions TigTots in September 2019 in an article about the renewal of The Tig trademark.
  • A TigTots Instagram account drops in January 2020.
  • In November 2022, Richard Eden and Jessica Warren of the Daily Mail (linked above) revealed that Meghan had hit a snag with the trademark application for The Tig, which was rejected and had to be reapplied for as it was too vague. There was also the likelihood that it was halted in November 2022 and then reactivated in September 2023.
  • TMZ reported almost a year later, in September 2023, that the trademark had been cleared.

What Internet Snooping Tells Us About TigTots

There is not much information about TigTots, but given the name, it is or was going to be a blog about parenting under The Tig umbrella. Now, there is no physical website, but we know that Archie would be a focus because there is a photo of him on the Instagram page from the South Africa trip.

Also, we know that the Instagram account is Meghan’s because of this:

The only account TigTots is following is Sussex Royal. Also, one of the three followers that it has is Meghan Maven, a style blog that focuses on Meghan’s fashion. The Instagram account is still updating with posts, but the website looks like it hasn’t been updated since the Variety photoshoot.

Meghan Maven is also following the Meghan account that has been specuated to be Meghan’s “new” account.

Meghan Markle Is Trying To Hobnob With Famous Mothers To Get Them On Her Website – If It Launches

In Meghan Markle’s quest to be the ultimate mummy blogger, she needs to get people on side which is presumedly why she is doing everything possible to show she is a mother first and foremost.

So, let’s break it down, beginning with her constant need to say, ‘I’m a mom.” Yes, we get it. You’re a mother. In other words, her newest rebrand is motherhood, though she doesn’t show her children.

The Caring Friend Card

We’ve seen Meghan Markle in the last few years attempting to be an authority on parenting. She went to lunch with a friend who lost her son. Then, she was ringing Republican senators about family medical leave.

The CEO’s Wife

Also, Meghan is all about freebies from fashion houses. Tracy James, the wife of the Paramount CEO has her own clothing brand and is a stylist. She also has input on a podcast called COOL Moms. Tracy and her husband were with the Sussexes at the Bob Marley movie premiere in Jamaica.

Not to mention, she loved being pregnant with Archie as cradled that bump like she was carrying the next coming of Jesus.

Apparently Tracy and Meghan are friendly and Kelly Rowland is friendly with many of the parent based charities Meghan has aligned herself with.

Aligning Oneself For Freebies

The former actress has gone back to aligning herself with people who will give her free stuff like products and free trips like she did with The Tig. Also, she didn’t need an idiot prince do any of that. All she wanted was the title as she knew people would pay her attention if she had one, which is why she bagged Harry.

Not to mention, Meghan isn’t “young” anymore so her audience won’t be young adults. Whether she realises that is another question all together though she is too young to be a Real Housewife and she already does the useless photoshoots.

“Concerned” Parent

Meghan wants to makes herself out to be the concerned parent, which is why she and Harry did that “conference” for begrieved parents who had lost their children to cyberbullying. This was also her way of making it look like she cares and giving everyone the whole “I’m a victim too” mentality.

Clinging To Someone Else’s Work

Markle is someone who doesn’t like to work and tries to pass someone else’s work off as her own. Eva Longoria has been someone that the former actress has been trying to imitate since 2013. However, Longoria does it better as she actually cares about the causes she champions, including the motherhood initiatives she’s a part of.

Meghan claims she wants “a life of service.” Hence why she was clinging to Eva Longoria as she is in the entertainment industry and doing charity on top of it. This is what was she talking about when she was prattling on about being back in Hollywood and doing philanthropy. The two usually don’t mix but Eva can do it and Markle wants to copy her framework.

The Failed Attempts To Show Off TigTots Without It Even Being Live

We all know that Meghan loves claiming that Harry is a feminist when it’s clear he’s not. He did a four minute advert with actor Rhys Darby wearing a GirlDad t-shirt. There is no doubt that his wife was behind it.

To be a GirlDad, you need to have all daughters. Harry has one daughter and a son. An example of a GirlDad would be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has three daughters. It’s seriously doubtful that Meghan nor Harry know what a GirlDad is, let alone what a BoyMom is. We’re surprised she’s not milking the idea of having a son. Oh, wait. She’s a feminist.

Also, Meghan says “Titles mean nothing to me” and “the greatest title I’ll ever have is mom.” Okay, well, why does she keep calling herself, the Duchess of Sussex? If she didn’t care for it, why doesn’t she give it up. Oh, right. Because she makes her look better than she was.

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