Why Johnny Depp’s Victory Over Amber Heard Will Help All Victims Of Domestic Violence


The victory lap – Johnny Depp is a survivor. He has spoken out about his ex-wife, Amber Heard and how she abused him during their relationship. He won $15million in his defamation case against his ex in a Virginia Court. While he was victorious in clearing his name, he also raised awareness for male victims of domestic abuse.

Male victims are not as well-known as female victims, but Johnny’s victory will open the door for men to tell their stories in solidarity. We’ve mentioned several famous cases of men being killed by their female partners, including comedian Phil Hartman who was murdered by his wife, Brynn, who then killed herself.

We mentioned this in our Amber Heard is NOT a Victim article a while back, but she has a history of domestic abuse. Johnny Depp does not. Yes, his former girlfriend Ellen Barkin was called to testify against him, but he is a changed man. Did he take drugs and drink during the 90s? Yeah, he did. He never said he was perfect. Was he jealous, like she claims? We will never know as we were not there.

Also, substance abuse issues affect people in different ways. We’re not making excuses for him, but people need to consider this information. For example, alcohol affects people in specific ways. When drunk, some people are super friendly. Others are violent. It depends on the person.

Johnny’s Victory Is For All People

We mentioned earlier that Johnny’s victory is for male victims of domestic violence. But, on a broader scale, it is for ALL people who have been tortured by their partners. Having Depp as the face of a fight against domestic abuse campaign is ideal for getting more people to speak out about their experiences.

It should be noted that many of Johnny’s supporters are women who have been in the same situation. We’ve seen many accounts on Twitter of female allies of the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp compiling evidence of their own from what they’ve seen of Amber’s behaviour.

Actual domestic violence victims have said that Ms Heard’s behaviour was inconsistent with an actual victim. There is no right way to be one, but the idea that her “evidence” was enough is laughable. Her eyes were not blackened as she claimed. There were no bruises. Her eyes were swollen as if she’d had an allergic reaction to something, which is just our opinion and not based on facts.

In conclusion, we’ve seen people say that no amount of makeup would be able to cover the swelling and a broken nose. Therefore, Amber’s claim of having a broken nose when she was on a talk show is a total lie because she would not have been able to move her face due to the pain.

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