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What Female On Male Domestic Violence Looks Like: Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, domestic abuse

If you need evidence that female-on-male domestic violence happens, look no further than the famous case of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. 

We’ve covered how we always knew Amber Heard was guilty. But this time, we will focus on the domestic violence aspect of the case. Both sides of the fight accused each other. However, video footage filmed “secretly” by the actress of her “interactions” with her then-husband revealed she was the aggressor, not Johnny Depp.

The Depp v. Heard Trial

Moreover, she was caught out in lie upon lie with her emotions during the Depp v. Heard defamation trial, jumping all over the place. She could go from hysterical to joking in a fraction of a second. 

As we revealed in the first post on Amber Heard, a body language expert broke down footage of her and Johnny Depp’s body language during their deposition interviews. 

Heard wasn’t consistent with her answers, while Depp was. She stalled for time while he did all he could to answer what he was asked correctly.

Johnny Depp Became A Shell Of Himself

During his marriage to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp became a shell of himself. He had experienced trauma from his mother, who had been abusive. His sister, Christi Dembrowski, backed this up.

To prove that Johnny Depp wasn’t a violent drunk or domestic abuser, his famous exes came to his defence. Three of these women included Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack. Depp’s lawyers also brought in Kate Moss, his former girlfriend from the early 90s. Heard had name-dropped Moss after claiming she had heard that Johnny had pushed her down the stairs. Moss denied this. She said she had slipped down the stairs, and Depp had gone down to pick her up and carry her back to the room.

Ellen Barkin And Her Backing of Amber Heard

Ellen Barkin was the only one of Johnny Depp’s exes who didn’t back him. She sided with Amber. She cites that he’d been abusive towards her when they were dating. Bear in mind that Barkin is almost an entire decade older than Johnny, and they dated in the early 90s when he was on a literal high during his drug-taking days. Not that this should be used as an excuse if it did happen.

Also, his days taking drugs and alcohol are on public record. He has been open about his issues. This is where Amber Heard comes in. She claims that people surrounding Johnny Depp turned a blind eye or enabled his behaviour. If he were violent, Kate, Winona and Vanessa would have said something. Also, Amber is no angel, either.

Amber Heard has a record of domestic violence against previous partners. She assaulted her former girlfriend at an airport in 2009. The woman then claimed that the situation was “blown out of proportion.” The witness that was brought onto the stand during the Johnny vs. Amber case was a police officer.

Johnny Depp Had NO Domestic Violence Record

Johnny Depp does NOT have a record of domestic violence. If Ellen Barkin had thought it was an issue, why didn’t she report him to the police? According to the exes who stood up for him, Johnny said he was nothing but a gentleman to them. Even Lori Allison, Johnny’s ex-wife, backed him, calling Amber “horrific.”

Amber Heard and her delusions extend to her gender. From the start, she uses her status as a woman to make herself the victim of a toxic marriage. There is a mentality now that people have to “believe all women.” However, this is a flawed statement, and it always has been. It feeds into the stigmas that men cannot be victims of domestic violence and that all men are violent.

They’re not all like that. It is the way they’re raised. We’ve spoken about how Rowan Baxter, the estranged husband of the murdered Hannah Clarke, hated women because he was raised by a father and grandfather who saw the opposite sex as toys for their pleasure or as maids. 

Amber Heard Benefited From Her Relationship With Johnny Depp

While we don’t know how Amber Heard and her sister Whitney Henriquez were raised, it’s clear that something must have happened for Amber to turn out the way she has. She is also untalented. Sure, she has had lead roles, but she got the role of Mera in the Aquaman movies because of who she was married to when she was cast. Johnny was in the Fantastic Beasts films during this time, so it made sense for Warner Brothers to pull his then-wife into the equation, too.

While the domestic abuse Johnny suffered at Amber’s hand wasn’t necessarily physical, it was other forms of DV. She would dress like him even during the trial she did this. Finally, she would use his past against him to make him look like the abuser and take photos to act as her evidence.

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