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Home and Away THEORY: Did Lewis Murder His Pregnant Wife And Then Blamed Christian?


It’s no secret that Lewis hates Christian, but is the actual truth that the male nurse kill his pregnant wife, Anna?

Lewis hates Christian. We get that, but after what we witnessed in tonight’s episode, we were given a reasonable theory; did the male nurse kill his pregnant wife, Anna? We know she was involved in a car crash that caused her to go into a coma. However, she died and the surgeon got the blame by the grieving husband. But, what if there’s more to this?

Let us explain. Ari is still in his coma after being hit by a car and he is has swelling to the brain which hasn’t gone down. A promo has aired where it shows Lewis giving him a dose of some drug that will occur next week. But, there’s a bit more to this and it goes back to when two of Christian’s patients. Both were recovering but suddenly died and an autopsy was performed on at least one of them. Tori told her fiancée that there was nothing he could’ve done.

Lewis jumped in and declared that Christian was dangerous. This was when Jasmine revealed to Tori that her fiancée was the one who operated on Anna before she died. That brings us to our theory.

What if it was Lewis that killed her and than he blamed it on Christian?

Why Make Christian The Main Target?

Now that we know about Anna, we need to think too. If Lewis did murder her and blame Christian, he didn’t just kill his wife. He’s responsible for their unborn child’s demise as well. So, he killed two people for the price of one. Now, that makes us wonder why the surgeon became his target.

Lewis could possibly be a psychopath who doesn’t show any remorse for his actions and blames the aftermath on everyone else but himself. Look at what he’s going to do to Ari.

There is a scenario that could’ve played out that Lewis thought Christian was responsible for. Perhaps, the surgeon did operate on Anna when she was bought in and it was successful. However, Lewis tries to help and behind the doc’s back, gives his wife a drug but he accidentally overdoses her and she dies.

Christian finds her dead and Lewis feigns innocence and pins the blame on him.

Or, there’s situation B.

Maybe Christian did operate on Anna and Lewis sees that she’s not going to wake up and decides to put her and their unborn child out of their misery. When he realises what he’s done, he blames the surgeon which explains his vendetta now.

Whatever the situation, it’s going to be grizzly when the truth comes out.

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