The Massacre That Almost Wiped Out And Than Abolished The Nepalese Royal Family

Nepalese Royal Family Massacre

In 2001, the Nepalese Royal Family was almost eliminated in a massacre. On June 1st 2001, the Crown Prince of Nepal, Dipendra, fired shots into a home within the grounds of Narayanhity Palace, which housed various members of the monarchy, and there was an event happening within. The shots killed The King, who was his father, The Queen who was his mother and seven other members of the family.

Of the other members of the family that were killed, they included the Crown Prince’s younger brother and sister. He then shot himself in the head, attempting to wipe out the entire line of succession.

However, Dipendra ended up in a coma and was named King after his father was declared deceased. The Crown Prince was monarch for three days until he died of his self-inflicted injuries on June 4th 2001.

The motives behind Dipendra committing the Nepalese Royal Family Massacre are unclear. However, one theory suggests he took out his family because they disapproved of the woman he wanted to marry whose name was Devyani Rana who was from an Indian royal family that he met in England.

Why Crown Prince Dipendra Allegedly Committed The Nepalese Royal Family Massacre

It is believed that The Queen was not happy with the potential match. Furthermore, this may have been why Dipendra wiped out most of his family. Moreover, the Nepali Times at the time said that Dipendra and Devyani fell in love very quickly.

Upon Dipendra’s death, three days after he was declared King, his uncle would take over as King. However, seven years later, in 2007, the monarchy of Nepal was abolished entirely, having never fully recovered from the Nepalese Royal Family massacre.

When the funerals were being planned, The Queen’s face was so disfigured that a mask of her likeness had to be constructed.

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