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Did Meghan Markle Make An Enemy Out Of Camilla?


You don’t want to cross the women in the British Royal Family. Acclaimed royal biographer, Tom Bower, has made the insight that Meghan Markle made an enemy of Prince Harry’s stepmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Moreover, according to April Glover of Nine Honey, who writes that the future Queen Consort became “suspicious” of the former actress. With Bower’s book coming out, it makes sense that this information is released. Not to mention, the Duchess of Cornwall reportedly referred to her stepdaughter-in-law as a “minx.”

However, Angela Levin, who wrote books on Prince Harry, has said on Twitter that Meghan wasn’t referred to as “minx.” Okay. Let’s give Bower the benefit of doubt, shall we? He is well-versed in getting to the underside of any project thrown his way. Meghan should be afraid of what he digs up on her.

Camilla is not someone you want to make an enemy of, especially when she has more experience with royal life than Meghan ever did. First off, the Duchess of Cornwall appreciates her husband’s position as the future king and the family. Markle, on the other hand, never tried. As Valentine Low said last year, she [Meghan] was obsessed with being the victim.

While the royal family gave Meghan a warm embrace, Camilla suspected her intentions weren’t what she claimed. Allegedly, the Duchess of Cornwall believed that Markle wouldn’t give up her career and independence.

You don’t need to live under a metaphorical rock to know royal life is suffocating. You can’t publicly voice political opinions, and you need to abide by the rules 98% of the time. Oh, you can’t vote, and you have to follow protocol at all times.

Camilla Held Her Tongue

The respect Camilla has for her station as the wife of the future king is admirable. She keeps her head down and her mouth shut. When it came to Meghan, it is alleged the Duchess of Cornwall was willing to play nice for Harry’s sake. Though, she didn’t believe that Markle would be “a silent team player.” Turns out she was right.

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