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Meghan Knew About Violet Von Westenholz’s Father’s Connection To Camilla – But How? – OPINION

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Meghan Markle doesn’t know how to keep her stories straight and her involvement with Violet Von Westenholtz is one of them.

Rumour has it that it was Violet, not Misha Nonoo or Markus Anderson, that set Meghan and Harry up on their alleged ‘blind date’. However, there is one point that no one talks about. Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, reveals that Markle knew of Violet’s father’s friendship with Princes William and Harry’s stepmother, Camilla, the then-Duchess of Cornwall.

Again, Meghan Lied About What She Knew About The Royal Family

This throws Meghan’s claim she never looked Harry or his family up online out the window. The reason for this is because it shows that she cannot keep up with her own lies.

Meghan and Harry claimed they wanted to protect the privacy of their female friend who set them up on their date. There is more to this. According to Revenge, there were two incidents where the royals were bought up.

The first was during Lindsay Jill Roth’s hen’s weekend where Harry was bought up in conversation. Misha Nonoo was married during this time to an old school friend of his and William’s, Alexander Gilkes.

The second was when Markus Anderson introduced Meghan to Princess Eugenie, one of Harry’s cousins.

Meghan’s Royal Family Obsession

Another aspect we need to take into consideration is what Ninaki Priddy said earlier in Revenge. Meghan was obsessed with the royals as a child. Not to mention, the crew members of the Reitmans ads used to call her ‘Princess’ behind her back. They spoke French as they knew she couldn’t understand them. We’ll revisit that in a moment.

Also, Megyn Kelly said she had contact with someone close to Meghan’s ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, and was told Markle had a royal family vision board.

Given how obsessed Meghan was with the royals, we wouldn’t put it past her to have a notebook full of notes on each family member and which friends she could cozy up to. Now, for those who might not be aware, Violet is a childhood friend of Harry’s.

Moreover, Meghan had this obsession, according to Tom Bower, of being the face of Ralph Lauren or Dior. Violet worked for Ralph Lauren and Meghan “befriended” her for two reasons. To hook up with the royals and to get an in with the luxury brand. When was the last time Meghan and Violet were even seen together?

Bower also references in his book that Meghan was notoriously good at research as she had to do it for The Tig. Would it be outside the realm of possibility that she looked through all the notes and found there was a connection between Violet’s father and Camilla and decided to use it to her advantage? No, of course, it wouldn’t.

The Research Meghan COULD Have Done

Okay, so we know Meghan was desperate to get with the royal family. She needed a way to do it and would’ve known the aristocratic circles are very hard to break into. She tried being seen at Wimbledon with Cressida Bonas, one of Harry’s exes by not sitting where she was supposed to. When that didn’t work, she tried something else. If we had to guess, this where Markus came in and introduced her to Eugenie.

We know from her former agent and ex-friend, Gina Nelthorne-Cowne, that Meghan had done her research on Harry.

Even Gina questioned whether Meghan knew what she was doing when it came to being a royal. Markle refused to have any “negativity”. According to Nelthorpe-Cowne, this was the moment the kind friend vanished and became some more vile.

The last thing Meghan needed was someone questioning her motives. This was why when she did get her claws into Harry, she had him cut off from everyone who would cause a problem.

We assume this meant Violet too as she has not been seen or heard from within Harry and Meghan’s circle since the wedding. Their friends change so often that no one is truly a friend.

Meghan Connected The Dots Regarding Violet’s Dad’s Connection To Camilla

When you research a group of people for so long, like someone’s social circle, you tend to know who is connected to who. For example, it doesn’t take a genius amount of detective work to realise that Princess Eugenie is friends with Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran.

If we dig just a little bit, you can find information that it is alleged that Eugenie may have set Harry up with Ellie Goulding. According to an article by Society magazine, Tatler, in 2015, the pair might have dated. However, Harry did not reference Ellie in Spare. Most of what Harry mentions in his book is inaccurate or a lie to make people look bad.

So, if Meghan had found out the name of Violet’s dad and Googled say, ‘Piers Von Westenholz royals’ or something similar and dug deeper, she would’ve found that he had a connection to Camilla. Now, this predates Camilla becoming Queen. Also, as a side note, thanks to The Daily Mail, Piers’ wife, Jane, is a companion of Queen Camilla.

The Westenholz family has been close to the royal family for decades. There is no way they would jeopardise that. Sure, Violet can be friends with Meghan, but she would’ve known at some point that she was just a pawn in Markle’s game. Especially after she got ghosted.

As we mentioned before, when was the last time Violet was referenced by Harry or Meghan? Has Violet ever visited their house in Montecito (if they even live there)? We haven’t heard anything about it. Also, Violet didn’t get any of Meghan’s jam as far as we know. Apparently, she’s not good enough for that.


To conclude this post, it’s clear that Meghan targeted Violet due to her royal connection. The circumstances of what Markle did with the information of Piers being friends with Camilla are unclear.

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