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The Secrets She Keeps – S02E06 – FINALE

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The highlights from episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. We’re at The Secrets She Keeps Season 2 finale. How will the season conclude, and what will be the fate of Agatha and her baby? Will Meghan get out of prison? All those answers will be answered here in the finale.

As always, we have to say that this highlights article will be jumbled. We also want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been following the series with us. Finally, we also have a review up now! If you want, you can check our finale post for Season 1.

1. Agatha Goes Into Labour And Gives Birth In The Finale

As this is the Secrets She Keeps finale, we finally see Agatha go into labour as she scrubs at the walls of her cell. The cat who acted as the tester for Agatha’s food, which she claimed was poisoned, has allegedly died. Agatha put insulin in the milk she was given to get what she wanted, prolonging her time in the prison clinic.

Meghan, who is close by brushing her teeth, hears Agatha’s cries. She hesitates, unsure at first of what to do, given her experiences with her. Finally, however, she does the right thing and alerts the guards. But unfortunately, Agatha entered labour much earlier than anticipated, throwing everything out the window.

In the prison infirmary, Agatha gives birth to her baby. First, though, she’s scared she will lose her as she’s premature and refuses to push. Then, at the prompting of the nurse, she does so, and within a few pushes, the baby arrives.

2. Karen Makes A Scene In The Finale

The Secrets She Keeps finale would not be complete with drama. Karen, the mother who lost her daughter due to Agatha, has taken things into her own hands. She has gathered other people who dislike Agatha to gather outside the hospital in protest. They block the ambulance bay to prevent the ambulance from getting Agatha into the hospital.

The prison medical team argue with the guards about letting Agatha go to the hospital due to the protest. One of the nurses says if they don’t let Agatha go, she’ll give birth in prison.

Moreover, the prison governor is on the phone with the minister who was meant to review the cast in a month and can’t do it in four minutes.

Karen appears on the news, screaming that Agatha shouldn’t be allowed to keep her baby since she kills infants. She doesn’t see it fair that Agatha should keep hers while Karen and others are without theirs.

Zoe tries to get the protesters to move on, but the situation worsens as Karen climbs onto the ambulance.

3. Cash Follows Up On Lorelei And Lorelei Seethes About Agatha’s “Betrayal”

At the police station, Detective Cash speaks with her partner about Lorelei. She explains that she’s told one of the uniforms looking into the escape attempt, and they’ve noticed a link between Meghan’s case and Lorelei’s.

Cash rings Doctor Hocking’s office to ask questions about Lorelei.

In her therapy session, Lorelei is pissed by what she reads in Agatha’s letter. She believes Agatha chose the baby over her, so she threw her to the wolves. Doctor Hocking advises that it would be an idea to respond to the letter.

As a response, Lorelei rips it up.

4. The Minister Gets Bad News, And The Clock Is Ticking

As she watches Karen’s news report, the minister gets word from her assistant that Agatha can’t be sent to another hospital. When she asks why the assistant tells her that the baby isn’t doing well and it’s another twenty minutes to the next neo-natal unit.

In the ambulance, the baby stops moving. Agatha begs the guard with her to get the baby inside. However, her request is declined as the guard tells her they have instructions not to open the doors until the vehicle is in the bay.

The police show up to break the crowd up, which allows the ambulance through.

In the neo-natal ward, the staff frantically work on Agatha’s baby. Finally, Charlotte arrives to see Agatha. Agatha begs to be with the baby but is denied when Zoe asks the guard if it would be possible if they got permission. The guard says no, as they need permission from the prison governor.

Zoe records Agatha crying as proof of her unfair treatment in prison.

5. Meghan Is Given Bail

Back at the prison, Meghan walks out the gate and is greeted by Reg, who has posted her $500k bail. One rule of her bail is that Meghan is to remain with her mother and stepfather and not pick up the phone.

Lucy is vomiting into a bucket at the house as Grace holds her hair back. She asks for her mother in which her aunt says she understands she wants her mum, but she can’t go anywhere while she’s sick, and it’s impossible given the conditions of Meghan’s bail.

At Jen’s, Meghan calls Grace’s phone from her mother’s phone, but Simon picks up. Thinking it’s Jen, he explains all the kids are sick. Meghan says the kids need to be with her if they’re sick. Simon hangs up, knowing that it’s breaking the protocols. Grace walks in and asks if he had to hang up the call. Simon says Meghan was breaking the law by even calling.

Jen walks in and finds Meghan with her phone. Meghan says she rang Grace, but Simon picked up and couldn’t talk. Jen says he did the right thing. At that exact moment, Reg’s son walks in and agrees, saying that if she were caught, it would cost his dad half a million dollars. Meghan snaps, saying no one cares about his inheritance.

6. New Evidence And Lorelei Loses Faith In Agatha

Cash’s boss approaches her, asking why they’re looking into a new witness for Meghan’s case when there’s already a committal date in place. The boss says that the witness is in a psych ward. Cash points out that if they don’t look into this and the defence digs it up, it makes them look idiotic.

During her therapy session, Lorelei talks about going to see her father and how her perspective changed over time. Initially, she was curious and was on Agatha’s side. However, she now believes that Agatha made up the rape as Brother Bowler wasn’t charged. Therefore, doctor Hocking says it’s unwise to pursue further contact with him for the time being.

Lorelei believes Bowler would be happy she’s his daughter. However, she sees Agatha as a massive disappointment.

7. Karen Corners The Minister

Karen corners the minister, telling her that Agatha shouldn’t be allowed to keep her baby. The minister tells her that while she understands her feelings, she will be guided by the facts, not by the opinions of the public.

Karen grabs the minister on impulse and is told to let go.

8. Grace Is Forced To Do A Runner With Ben

After the kids recover, Grace takes them to see Meghan at Jen’s, but only Lucy and Lachie get out of the car. Grace is forced to drive off with Ben, much to the anguish of Meghan. As the family argues, Ben starts crying. Meghan believes Simon is punishing her for keeping Ben’s paternity from him.

As she watches her sister drive off, she begs Reg to allow her to see all her children, not just the two she had with Jack. But instead, Reg tells her that if she wants to see the kids, she needs to cooperate.

At the house, Grace tells Simon she feels terrible for driving off with Ben. Simon says it was Meghan’s fault, which leads to Grace asking if he’s going to support Meghan in court. He says he’s going to be truthful about what he saw. Meghan looked in the rearview mirror and reversed.

Grace tells Simon that Meghan told Jen that she wants to work things out with him and that she won’t stop him from seeing Ben. She makes him question whether the kids are better off with their mother? What a question to ask in the finale episode of a show, are we right? Grace says she does not believe her sister would ever kill the father of her children on purpose.

9. Zoe Tries To Persuade The Minister

In the minister’s office, Zoe shows her a picture of the baby. She then backs up everything with the WHO (World Health Organisation) facts that premmie babies need skin-to-skin contact with their mothers to thrive.

The minister says that Agatha committed Infanticide. Zoe argues that two babies died, but it was not intentional as they were not with their mothers. She begs the minister to consider the child’s rights to be with her mother.

The prison governor tells the minister that he can’t take Agatha now that the baby has been born. She’s a suicide risk without the baby, and he cannot guarantee her safety. The minister asks what her opinions are outside of Agatha being transferred. The governor says the transfer is the best opinion she has.

10. Simon Is Forced To Testified And The Court Case

Cash’s partner shows up to give Simon a subpoena. If he doesn’t testify against Meghan, he’ll be charged with contempt of court.

At the courthouse, Simon flashes back to the night Jack died.

Rhea recounts Jack giving her money when she is asked to do so. She claims that Meghan thought Jack was “keeping her.” When asked what Meghan said, Rhea relays that Meghan said he’d kill Jack if she ever caught him not being truthful with her.

Grace’s words are taken out of context as she is not allowed to finish her sentence when asked if her sister pushed her down the stairs.

Cash is next, and she says that Meghan was erratic. In conclusion, Meghan ran down Jack on purpose and in a jealous rage. Finally, she’s quizzed about the headlights. She says there is no evidence to support Meghan’s claim.

The forensic specialist explains that were was no chance of Jack surviving his injuries.

Simon has to testify on the second day.

11. Lorelei Recounts To Her Mother The Night Of Jack’s Death From Her Perspective And Simon And Cash Uncover Missing Pieces

After watching the news detailing Meghan’s hearing, Lorelei tells Belinda that she has nothing against Meghan now. She didn’t tell the cops about her being there when Jack died. She says Meghan’s car wasn’t there. Instead, Lorelei saw Meghan and Simon fighting before Jack pulled up and got out of there before she could be noticed.

Belinda questions why she never said anything. Lorelei says she was breaking her AVO as she wasn’t supposed to be there.

Cash gets a message from Belinda and has to call her back. Her partner says to her that Simon hasn’t shown up just as Simon himself walks through the door. Simon tells her she needs to listen to the message before going to the prosecution.

Elsewhere, Simon checks his answering machine messages, and there’s one left from Jack. The message relays that Jack and Meghan had made up and he was going to return home. Simon says he went to the house, thinking that Meghan was upset with Jack. He continues, saying he thought Jack was going to stop Meghan. He was going to stop him [Simon].

12. Dismantling The Motive

Meghan’s lawyer says that Simon has just dismantled the established motive. Simon is asked why he didn’t come forward sooner. He explains that he hadn’t been home and hadn’t even considered the answering machine messages.

Cash reveals she interviewed another witness. She admits that Lorelei Kelly had an AVO put out against her by Meghan, which prevented her from coming forward. However, her mother, Belinda, provided the information from the tracking device she had put on Meghan’s car. Cash concludes that from where Lorelei was stationed, her headlights would’ve bounced off Meghan’s rear vision mirror and blinded her, preventing her from seeing Jack behind the car.

13. Meghan’s Acquittal, Agatha Learns Her Fate And Lorelei Kills

When the court resumes, Meghan is surprised to hear that Simon’s testimony has been retracted. The crown withdraws from the case. Relieved, Meghan walks out of the courtroom with her mother. They reunite with Simon and Grace on the lower floor, where they embrace her.

Simon and Meghan apologise, saying they both miss Jack terribly.

Karen shows up and begs Meghan to do something about Agatha keeping her baby as the minister is about to make her decision. Meghan says she cannot keep being angry at Agatha as it doesn’t solve anything. She already lost so much because of what happened. Karen screeches that Meghan is just giving up because she has her baby back.

At the hospital, Zoe and Agatha learn what happens next. Brother Bowler, Lorelei and Karen watch the press conference where the minister reveals Agatha poses no threat to her baby. Agatha will be transferred with her baby to the Jalala Corrections Centre.

Doctor Hocking arrives at the Kellys’ house and tells Belinda and David that Lorelei has left the clinic by slipping out a side entrance. The police are aware of her escape. Lorelei arrives at Brother Bowler’s room and reveals she is his daughter from when he got Agatha pregnant as a teenager. He denies this and screams for her to leave. Sometime later, she returns when he is asleep, unplugs his oxygen machine and lights the room on fire before walking out of the building.

14. Karen Kidnaps the Baby

Sometime later, Agatha goes to leave the hospital to head to her new accommodation in Jalala with her baby when she finds the baby missing. Elsewhere, Karen is in the car with the baby, repeating the cycle that got Agatha locked up, to begin with. In conclusion, could this potentially lead to a spin-off or a season three?

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