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Disgraceful! Harry And Meghan Were Allegedly Informed Of Prince Philip’s Condition But Did The Oprah Interview Anyway


Prince Philip was dying but Prince Harry and Meghan didn’t care about his condition. They wanted to get even with the royal family…

As Prince Philip’s condition deteriorated, his wayward grandson, Prince Harry and his fame seeking wife, Meghan Markle went ahead with their ‘tell-all’ interview with Oprah. They were so focused on throwing the whole royal family under the bus. From the Duchess of Sussex’s countless lies, to her flying monkeys like Gayle King questioning how the Duke of Edinburgh passed away, it’s just too much.

If they had actually cared, they wouldn’t have gone ahead with it. But no. Meghan had to air her grievances with her in-laws on national television. She’s a spoilt brat who didn’t get what she wanted. She didn’t think about Prince Philip’s condition. All she cared about was bringing down the monarchy with baseless accusations in which she hasn’t produced receipts despite her lackeys saying there was. If there was, they would’ve been released by now, a month on since the interview aired.

Now, before we continue, we’ve been looking all over for the piece of information that states that the royal family was told that Prince Philip didn’t have much longer to live. However, we’ve come up blank. However, we were able to find a Blind Gossip post (which we don’t usually use as sources), so, we’re going to have to use that. Back to the article.

If True, Prince Harry And Meghan Knew But Still Wanted Fame…

Now, we have no sympathy for Harry and Meghan. The only thing that was horrible was their July 2020 miscarriage and yes, we believe it happened. If the Blind Gossip post is true, then they didn’t think twice about the Duke of Edinburgh’s condition. However, there is something we do believe.

If you watch the interview when Harry walks in – this was referenced by one of the YouTubers we follow, we think it was Murky Meg – he looks really uncomfortable. Could it be because they knew about his grandfather’s condition and he knew it was a bad look for them to even be doing the ‘tell-all’ during such a critical time? It’s possible. Also, we know how much ‘H’ hates the cameras – not! – It is believed that the Duke of Sussex pre Meghan was on good terms with some of the photographers and he would buy them rounds of drinks after engagements according what Arthur Edwards, a royal photographer said via the Express.

Mister Edwards said Harry stopped drinking with the press when he met Meghan. The press even wanted to meet Markle but this, of course, never happened and it won’t ever. This goes to show how much ‘H’ has been brainwashed to rely on his darling wife who knows how get him to obey her. Now, we don’t always agree with the media but Arthur has decades of experience. Why would he lie about this? For all you Sugars reading this who will say, “for the money”, yeah, we don’t think so. Who would you believe? The Sussexes? Or a man who has been working with the royals for longer than Harry or Meghan have been alive?

Harry should have gone back to the UK when he had a chance. He could have tried to mend bridges.

Does Harry Intend To Mend Bridges During The Time He Spends In The UK?

We honestly don’t think Harry will ever mend bridges in the way he wants. However, if Meghan has her way, he will never be on good terms with his family ever again. She is continuing to dig the knife in and he has no choice but to follow through with what she wants. Now, what we say next might be seen as controversial.

It would not surprise us or anyone who doesn’t support them that Meghan pulls a miscarriage scare just to get Harry back home. Now, whether this happens is yet to be seen. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it doesn’t. This could be the chance that ‘H’ is bought out of his toxic MM bubble.

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