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Chronicles Of Harkle: Is It No Wonder That Very Few People Can Trust The Sussexes?

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Harry and Meghan might be wondering why very few people trust them with… well, anything…

Imagine you’re standing on a sand dune with the one person you trust the most. You expect them NOT to push you down it. But, at the last second, you feel yourself falling forward and onto your face and you wonder what the hell you did wrong. That, my friends, is how the royal family is feeling right now. As they grapple with the death of their beloved patriarch, Prince Philip, everyone is still reeling from the attack from Harry and Meghan in the Oprah interview. Now, the reason I’m bringing up the ‘trust’ issue is partially to do with Gayle King feeding information to the public about a phone call between Harry, his father, and his brother. There’s another reason I wanted to discuss. I was browsing through Twitter earlier and I found an article by The Sun from 2019 regarding how the Sussexes can only trust Doria, Markle’s mother.

Now, I want to point out that Harry and Meghan are paranoid. It has only gotten worse in recent years. Before I continue, this is NOT an attack on the Sussexes so all you Sugars and Sussex Squad lackeys can cool your jets. Or not. Totally up to you. Anyway, onto the topic at hand. What really pisses me and a lot of people off is that these to grifters left the family to forge what they deem to be a life free of the fishbowl. The truth, however, is that they didn’t appreciate the protocols and rules. Well, Markle didn’t. She thought she could do whatever she wanted and that nothing applied to her.

When Paranoia Sets In

If Meghan had waltzed in and did whatever she wanted as an actor, she would be branded a diva and most decent directors wouldn’t want to work with her. The cast of Suits might’ve dubbed her ‘Meghan gets shit down’ but she was as a totally different person to them. She was on equal footing to them. Also, she only ever showed one side to herself. That is the whole reason the cast and crew has come out to defend her. Well… most of them.

Now, the Oprah interview showed just how paranoid the Sussexes are. Meghan wanted Archie to be a ‘prince’ despite knowing that it is NOT his birthright because she thought he would be protected. Umm… from what, exactly? The public never sees him so we don’t know what he actually looks like. Also, when you’re a private citizen, you don’t need 24/7 security. There are other titled royals like Harry’s cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie who haven’t got security as theirs was cut when they turned 21.

Also, why would someone want to kidnap Archie? He’s no more important to the line of the succession than Harry is. There is basically zero chance either of them will ever become King. Though, this is probably not what Meghan wanted. Despite telling Oprah she didn’t care for titles but she wanted her son to be a ‘prince’. That shows she actually does care about having a moniker.

Wonder Why The Security Was Cut…

Going back to the security situation, Harry and Meghan’s paranoia about not having protection while in America and expecting the UK taxpayer to foot the bill shows how ignorant and selfish they are. As it has been stated like, a million times by other media outlets who have thoroughly researched this, once the Sussexes stopped being working royals as in working for The Queen they lost the privilege, especially when they moved to another country.

Why should the hard-working citizens of another country in which you no longer reside foot a bill for something that is no longer their concern? What I cannot get my head around is why they’re demanding security to begin with. Meghan wants to be a big time celebrity but she forgets that about 95% of celebrities don’t have bodyguards 24/7, let alone at all. Most only get them when their lives are under threat like from stalkers.

Before all you Sugars jump on my case and mention the trespasser situation, that’s totally different. A stalker is when someone follows someone else’s movements on a constant basis. A trespasser is when a person breaks onto another’s property without permission.

Now, the last point I wanted to make here is if you need security, you either foot the bill yourself if you have kind of money (which Harry and Meghan do) or you get the taxpayers in the other country to cough up the cash. Though, if you’re a decent person, you’d paid for it yourself.

Going Back To The Trust Issue

Now, does anyone wonder why the royals now have to be careful with what they say during conversations with Harry and Meghan? I certainly don’t as I think about how William and Charles would’ve felt when their private conversation was leaked by Gayle King. They’re going to have to watch what they say for now on as H will report it to King or Oprah or even give the information to Meghan who will twist it into a racist narrative. Look at what happened with the comments allegedly made by Princess Anne as an example. An innocent concern was turned into something that it wasn’t.

If Meghan actually cared about other people of colour who were in mixed race marriages like she is, she would know that the colour of a mix raced child’s skin is a perfectly normal conversation. I’m surprised this wasn’t a discussion her own parents had when they were expecting her. Perhaps they did talk about it. Who knows, really.

With Harry back in the UK for his grandfather’s funeral, his family is going to be feeling betrayed. He metaphorically threw them under the bus, implying they’re all racist because they see Meghan as undeserving to be one of them as she did not respect their way of life. As Lady Colin Campbell points out, Markle did not win over everyone within the family. We know that Princess Anne could see through her niece-in-law. It would be interesting to see how other members were turned off by her attitude.

Trust Works Both Ways

If Harry and Meghan actually want to repair their relationship with the royals, then they need to stop bitching. It’s childish and it’s inconsiderate, especially given the situation at the moment. Prince Philip has just died but the Sussexes were nasty enough to have their so-called truth aired anyway. They knew the prognosis. I’ll cover that in another post a bit later.

The royals, especially, Charles and William won’t know whether to trust Harry after his stunt with Gayle King airing their conversation for the whole world to hear. Given that Meghan will not be attending Prince Philip’s funeral, it might give them a chance to get through to him, even if it is a little bit. While I am certainly not holding my breath, hopefully it will give him something to consider.

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