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Chronicles of Harkle: Were Harry And Meghan Trying To Recreate Diana’s Narrative During The Oprah Interview?

Diana Narrative

We all know by now that Harry and Meghan are obsessed with using the Princess Diana narrative. However, one thought did not occur to me. During last year’s Oprah interview, where the Sussexes spewed their vitriol and overall contempt towards the British monarchy, they made a series of damning accusations about how uncaring it is. It wasn’t until I watched the latest video from Royal News Network did I catch something interesting.

Brittany mentions throughout the video that the royals who attended the Platinum Jubilee celebrations were incredibly affectionate towards each other. They weren’t acting for the camera (unlike a particular couple) and were warm and accommodating. For example, there were pictures of Zara Tindall sitting in the lap of her niece, Savannah Phillips.

[Credit: Tumgir]

Savannah was giggling and having fun with her aunt, and it showed. There were also images of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, comforting; I think it was Mia, Zara’s eldest daughter, who needed a hug. Moreover, this blows the Sussexes’ Diana narrative out of the water. It also makes me think that Harry and Meghan are telling their children that their family is unfeeling and nasty when it’s further from the truth.

[Credit: The Sun]

There’s even a funny photo of Zara’s husband, Mike, telling Louis that he’s watching him like Robert Di Niro’s character in Meet the Flockers does to his grandson, LJ.

[Credit: Metro]

Another favourite photo of mine is the one of Louis sitting in his grandfather, Prince Charles’ lap.


Do the above pictures show the royals are uncaring and cold? No, they don’t. A story came out a while ago where Meghan allegedly complained because the royal family doesn’t hug, as per Cheat Sheet’s Michelle Kapusta.

Going Down The Diana Narrative Rabbit Hole

Now that we have the truth out let’s jump into where Harry and Meghan’s Diana narrative ting. So, when Diana was alive in the 80s and 90s, the royals were uncaring. All they cared about was producing an heir to the throne a spare.

While this is true, it is no wonder Princess Margaret acted out in the ways she did, as she hated being seen as the spare to her older sister, The Queen, despite loving her dearly. It is also apparent the staleness and coldness might’ve come from The Queen Mother, the matriarch who died in 2002, the same year as her youngest daughter at 101.

The monarchy is bathed in tradition and pageantry, but they are just another family. Also, the Sussexes thought that the public would eat it up if they used the Diana narrative, given that she was beloved worldwide. However, it didn’t work the way they thought it would. They were called out for their lies, despite saying it was “their truth.” In woke ideology, “their truth” is the only one that matters, and everyone who tries to prove them wrong is out to get them.

This is the same paranoia Diana had. She felt that Prince Charles would bump her off so he could marry Camilla. Do I believe this? No, I don’t. I have no love for what Charles did to her, but I appreciate that he kept his head down and worked to regain respect from the public.

Here’s the thing that Harry and Meghan forget. Princess Diana has been dead for 25 years. People still think highly of her, but they don’t dwell on it and spend time imagining what life would be like if she were alive today.

Meghan’s Need To Capitalise On Diana’s Memory

It’s clear that Meghan is obsessed with Diana and needs to keep her memory alive by making Harry believe they are keeping his mother’s legacy going. We know that she uses her dead idol to control her husband. Now, this is not just my thought process. Many others believe this too. All the outfits she wore as a royal were based on the late Princess of Wales’ fashion choices.

Also another hint we got was when Harry told Hoda Kotb that he feels his mother’s presence is everywhere and that he honours her with everything he does. Now, this is not something he would’ve said before Meghan came on the scene. The man is profoundly unwell, and it shows.

Let’s not forget that the Harkles named their daughter Lilibet Diana. While I have no issue with the child’s name, it irks me that the gesture was not selfless. Instead, it was to continue to self-promote themselves as the only ones who care about a woman who died a quarter of a century ago.

Look, I get it. Diana was Harry’s mother. But, he forgets that she was William’s mum too. There is a reason why she told things to his brother and not him. Harry was not mature or capable enough to sympathise with his mother’s mental health issues. Even now, twenty-five years on, he still doesn’t understand that the Princess of Wales was not perfect.

Times Have Changed Since Diana’s Day

In conclusion, the Diana narrative didn’t work in Harry and Meghan’s favour as people have moved on. The royals have proven they’re not the cold and heartless monsters they’ve made themselves to be. Was the family cruel during Diana’s day? Yes, I believe much of the time it was. However, I think the Queen Mother was primarily responsible given her generation. Not to mention, The Queen, Princess Margaret, Prince Charles and other elder royals were raised in very different times.

There have been stories that when the Queen was younger, she would pat Prince Charles on the head whenever she arrived home. However, over time things have changed.

Princess Diana was a warm and loving mother to her sons. She thought the world of all the kids in her family. Moreover, she changed parenting in the royal family for the better. Therefore, Harry’s “genetic pain” and “My brother and father are trapped and don’t get to leave” crap is baseless and flawed.

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