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Meghan Markle Would Not Last Five Minutes In The Japanese Imperial Family

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Meghan Markle loves to complain that she wasn’t welcomed into the British Royal family, yet she runs around with her Duchess of Sussex title when she couldn’t locate the duchy on a map. If she thought being a British royal was difficult, she would not make five minutes as a Japanese royal.

The women in the Japanese Imperial Family are side pieces to the men. The princesses are forced to give up their royal birthrights if they marry commoner men. A recent example of this is Princess Mako, who gave up her birthright and had to apologise for marrying her husband, Kei Komuro before they moved to New York. People magazine published a piece in 2022 about how Mako’s cousin, Princess Aiko, the daughter and only child of the Emperor and Empress of Japan, had thrown her support behind them. This shows that the Japanese royal women are badass.

Meghan Didn’t Give Up Her Life For Prince Harry

Meghan did not give up her life for Prince Harry. She wants people to think she stopped her massive career in Hollywood to marry him for love. However, people are not idiots and see through that. Everything she says is either a mistruth, a lie or a twist of the truth. We’ve covered a comparison between Markle and Mako before, as when Mako married; people were comparing her and the former actress when nothing was similar.

Mako was born a royal where the men are seen as more important. Meghan was not raised as a royal. If she had to live in a male-oriented environment where she was pushed to the side and told, “You have to produce male heirs,” she would be crying sexism, no question. This brings up another issue that Markle has.

Backward Thinking

Meghan has all these ideas of raising awareness of fatherhood and giving women voices, but these talking points were raised before she was born. Her new best friend, Gloria “Glo” Steinem, is famous because she was a voice for women’s rights. This is also not an opinion. It’s a confirmed fact. Steinem became famous in the late 50s for her feminist work. In the 1980s, she founded Ms Magazine.

Markle believes that social issues from the 50s still exist on a massive level today. Some problems exist, but not on the grand scale they used to. For example, the roles that women have. In the 50s, women were rarely seen in high-profile careers. Over the years, this changed, yet Meghan believes this still needs to be solved.

Meghan Should Complain About Male-Only Monarchies

She should look into the men-only monarchies if she wants something to complain about. The late Queen, the same woman Meghan claimed to love yet trashed her indirectly, was a pioneer for her time and continued until her death. She was driving ambulances and working as a mechanic during the Second World War and got to wear pants. How many women in that time got to do this?

Upon the Queen’s accession to the throne, she was in a male-dominated world. She knew this. Margeret Thatcher was thirty years away from becoming the first female British Prime Minster.

Meghan’s belief that the world is still more or less run by men is flawed and tainted. She looks into the past and tries to right what has already been righted. If she looks past her hatred for those women more powerful than her, she’ll see that women don’t need to compete to be fierce. If she looked at the fierceness of women in the Japanese Imperial Family, perhaps she would realise that she is looking back in time rather than focusing on the present. In conclusion, she would be better off for it.

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