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Book Wars: Dark Disciple vs. Jedi: Battle Scars

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In this first book comparison, we explore which Star Wars novel, Dark Disciple and Jedi: Battle Scars is the superior book. Usually, we don’t like comparing books as each is unique, but the similarities of these two were too difficult to ignore. Also, we teased this post a few weeks ago on Instagram. Be sure to follow us on Insta @weareprojectfangirl.

So, let’s begin by saying that Dark Disciple is superior to Jedi: Battle Scars. It had nothing to do with the authors, the stories were similar regarding the lost lovers trope. Also, the writing was better in Dark Disciple.

Writing Of Both Dark Disciple And Jedi: Battle Scars

The writing in Battle Scars was choppy and took a while to go anywhere constructive whereas Dark Disciple moves quickly and gets to the point. As much as we love the characters in Battle Scars, I’ve watched the cut scenes from both Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor games and we adore them so much. However, the book wasn’t necessary for the plot of Survivor at all. The only thing that is touched on that shows up in the game is Greez’s missing arm.

Not to mention, the Fourth Brother as an “antagonist” felt like a last-minute addition. The cover of the book makes you think he’s the big bad that is stalking the Mantis crew. However, he doesn’t even appear half a dozen times. If anything, the Stormtroopers are the bigger villains than the Fourth Brother.

As for Dark Disciple, you understand from the first chapter who the villain of the book is; Count Dooku and that the aim is to assassin him. In Battle Scars, the goal of the Mantis crew is murky as they know the McGuffin is known as The Shroud, but there are no plans to show what it is. They later realise that Irei is ‘The Shroud’. We were left confused the whole time.

Connecting To The Wider Star Wars Universe

The context in the game surrounding how Greez lost the arm is not given. It isn’t needed for the plot of the game to move forward. Also, Merrin’s love interest in the book, Fret, isn’t even referenced in Survivor, nor is Fret’s thought-to-be dead girlfriend, Irei.

As for Dark Disciple, the flow helps the reader get to know Ventress and Vos, especially if they’ve never seen The Clone Wars where this story was initially supposed to slot in.

Despite being published in 2015 and 2023, respectively, some of the information from both books regarding Nightsister culture is relevant. Though, it’s not touched on much in Battle Scars as it is in Dark Disciple. Though the Water of Life, which is used by the Nightsisters for healing is referenced in both books. This was something that was first seen in The Clone Wars episode, Nightsisters.

Reason Behind The Ratings

We have rated Dark Disciple 5 stars and Jedi: Battle Scars 3 stars because of the writing and character development. Dark Disciple flows so much better than Battle Scars and doesn’t drag. Also, the characterisation of Vos and Ventress pull you into the story.

However, the writing of the Jedi video game characters feels odd and out of place. Also, Merrin is far too sexual while Cal, Greez, Cere and BD-1 feel like an afterthought. We understand that the goal was to flesh out Merrin more, but this could have been done in the game notes of Survivor or even the alleged third game.

Finally, the biggest mistake we made was reading Battle Scars so soon after Dark Disciple due to the Nightsister comparisons between Ventress and Merrin.

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