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Ms Marvel: Bruno Is SO In Love with Kamala!

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Ms Marvel is finally here, and her BFF stole the show! Kamala Khan has entered the MCU with her own series. She’s as nerdy and fun as in comics and animation. The show is so much fun, and we’re only one episode into the story. One thing we love is Matt Linz’s character, Bruno Carrelli, Kamala’s best friend.

Bruno is incredibly supportive of Kamala and will always back her up. He loves inventing and even created a unique smart house device called Zuzu for Yusuf Khan, Kamilla’s father. Carrelli is also close to Muneeba Khan, Kamala’s mother, who cooks him and his grandmother food whenever he is at the house.

One thing we noticed when we noticed almost instantly is that Bruno is totally in love with Kamala. We’re not just saying that because we’ve seen other people saying it. His steadfast devotion and how he looks at her make it apparent to the highest degree.

Kamala, of course, is oblivious to this, which makes it even more adorable. We know in later episodes that she will end up a love interest in Kamran. Now, it’s unclear where Bruno stands in this at the current time. We can only go off the trailer footage we’ve seen.

Does our boy Bruno have a metaphorical leg to stand on when it comes to winning over Kamala? Yes, but she needs to wake up because her perfect guy has been in front of her the whole time. She doesn’t need a good-looking guy. Just for the record, we’re not dissing Kamran; we’re just pointing to the stereotypes.

Instant Team Bruno!

Bruno instantly won us over, and he’s our boy! We’re just hoping Kamala’s story doesn’t become like Twilight, where Bella was drawn to two guys and then becomes depressed when one leaves her. We don’t think it will come to that, but we have our fingers crossed.

Could there be a divide between Bruno and Kamala at some point? Yeah, we think there might be and it could take Aamir, Kamala’s brother, their parents and perhaps, her friend Nakia and sister-in-law Tyesha to make her realise there’s more to her relationship than them just being BFFs.

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