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What Is A Nightbrother In Star Wars?

Nightbrothers, Star Wars

The Nightbrothers in Star Wars were the male equivalent of the Nightsisters. However, the Nightbrothers were more warriors than dark-side magic wielders. One of the most famous Nightbrothers is Lord Maul, the son of Mother Talzin and the former Sith assassin and apprentice to Darth Sidious.

Other Nightbrothers included his two brothers, Feral, who died relatively early during Maul’s return to Dathomir and Savage Opress, who served Maul as a student. The group was only tiny compared to their female counterparts.

Like with the Nightsisters, the Nightbrothers had their own clans. Viscus led one such clan, later ruled by the Nightsister Merrin after he died. Another group member was Jedi Master Taron Malicos, whom Merrin and Cal Kestis later defeated and imprisoned. Malicos also killed Viscus.

The history of the Nightbrothers is mainly unknown, as is the livelihood aspect. From what we know, the group comprises Zabraks only, except Malicos, because he fell to the Dark Side and was Force-sensitive. The Nightsisters appear to have been more lenient as they took in Morgan Elsbeth, who was human.

What’s fascinating about the Nightbrothers is that they use weapons to make up for being unable to wield dark-side magick. It also gives them a more savage edge to their lifestyle, while the Nightsisters were the polar opposite on the surface.

Power was strongly desired by those who resented the clan leader. Malicos is one example of what happens when the dark side corrupts an individual. It drove him to kill Viscus so he could be clan leader.

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