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The Nightsisters of Dathomir is a race of dark-side-wielding witches allegedly founded by a Jedi who was sent into exile; with the confirmation that Morgan Elsbeth is a nightsister in the premiere of Ahsoka, we thought we’d go over the known and confirmed Nightsisters in Star Wars.

Also, please bear in mind that this post is only centred on canon Nightsisters, not ones from Legends. Furthermore, this is probably an incomplete list, as there are many more individuals with names than we thought there were.

Known Nightsisters In Star Wars

  • Merrin
  • Talzin
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Asajj Ventress’s mother
  • Morgan Elsbeth
  • Jerserra
  • Nightsister Zombies (from the Fallen Order game)
  • Nightsister Ghosts (seen in Star Wars Rebels)
  • Zeldin
  • Yenna
  • Falta
  • Daka
  • Ilyana (the late lover of Merrin, mentioned in Jedi: Battle Scars)

What is fascinating about about the Nightsisters that we know of is that there are not a lot that are named. Firstly, we see many in the background of shots in Star Wars: The Clone Wars when the story is focused on the witches. But other than that, not much is known about most of the named individuals.

Furthermore, of all the Nightsisters we’ve met in various media, we know the most about Merrin, Asajj Ventress and Mother Talzin, as we’ve spent time with them throughout their appearances. Moreover, there have been others like Old Daka, whom we meet but don’t know much about outside of what pops up in the episodes they appear in.

We get other names, such as Merrin’s lover, Ilyana. She is mentioned as one of the Nightsisters who died during the General Grievous’ Nightsister massacre in the book Battle Scars.

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