Stargirl THEORY: What Awaits The ISA Legacies Going Forward?

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With the Season 1 finale almost upon us, we thought we’d go over what may await the ISA legacies going forward into the next season.

With Stargirl Season 1 about to finish its freshman outing, there’s so many questions we have about the ISA legacies. Most of these kids have zero idea of who their parents are and what they’re capable of. However, we’re not here to ask discuss the finer details and what awaits them going forward. There’s so much that awaits these characters in the next batch of episodes and more.

We’re here to go over a few mini theories that we think may occur to these kids.

Artemis Crock

Let’s begin with Artemis Crock, daughter of Tigress (Paula Brooks) and Sportsmaster (Crusher Crock).

If something were to happen to say, her mother, Artemis would want revenge. We’ve seen how competitive and violent she can be on the football field. What’s to stop her from becoming the next Tigress?

Now, one or both of her parents, don’t need to die for Artemis to be her mother’s successor. They might end up in prison or one does perish and the other ends up in jail.

Why would she want revenge when she doesn’t know what’s going on? Well, she’s the only one of the ISA legacies that has a 24/7 violent streak. She’s one of those people who asks questions later. In a nutshell, she’d basically be the Injustice Society’s version of Rick, just without the hourglass and the one hour of super strength.

Artemis wouldn’t care what was going on, just that there needs to be revenge.

Cameron Mahkent

We’ve seen Cameron in small appearances here and there, but most of his interactions have either been with his father or Courtney. This appears to be intentional to add more drama to what awaits him in the not-so-distant future.

There’s every chance he could follow his comic counterpart and go down the evil route or he could remain good which would be a massive departure. However, there’s also the possibility that Cameron serves as a neutral force. Not good or bad. What makes him such a difficult character to pin down in regards to allegiances, is how he’s been set up.

He’s quiet and reserved, but will go out of his way to help others. Look at how he painted over the ‘SLUT’ on Yolanda’s locker. He also has a sense of humour which is evident at the Dugan-Whitmore/Mahkent family dinner where he states: “Don’t look at me, I studied French.” Not many future villains have those traits.

Then, there’s his blossoming relationship with Courtney. The last thing we saw was that awkward hug and him asking her out. This was after she pieced together that Jordan was Icicle which is what caused the cumbersome situation. They wouldn’t just set the crush up and leave it hanging. There has to be something more that awaits the moment.

Isaac Bowin

Of all the ISA legacies, Isaac is the only one we know virtually nothing about. He’s only appeared in three episodes and is almost always in the background. He had one two lines in the whole season.

We know his parents were both The Fiddler at some point and his father is currently missing from his life. He’s also a musician which his mother loves to brag about.

What do we think will happen with Isaac? Well, given that he hasn’t appeared a lot and that his mother is also used sparingly, he’s likely to be in the same grey area as Cameron. He could go either way, but he might be leaning well away from villainy given how much his mother coddles him.

Henry King Jr

Yeah, we know. You’re probably wondering why is Henry even on this list when we got confirmation in the ‘Shining Knight’ episode that he died in the ISA tunnels trying to protect the JSA from his father.

Well, there’s every possibility that he’s dead but is resurrected by Dragon King. If our sources are correct, Henry was killed by his father in the comics, but then it turned out he wasn’t or something close to that. So, if he does come back, Jake Austin Walker said it would need to be for a good reason.

Remember, Stargirl is a comicbook show where everything is never as it seems. However, it seems that they are keeping the characters who are deceased, well, dead. William Zarick is dead and so is his son, Joey. Denise is still missing, but it’s suspected she’s gone too. However, Dragon King did ask to keep William’s body. Where that goes, we probably won’t find out until Season 2.

Going back to Henry, whatever awaits him will be exciting to see. For all we know he could come back evil and join the ISA. However, there might even be something where he continues to side with the JSA and forms Infinity Inc.

Cindy Burman

Whatever fate awaits Cindy is going to be hell! She is literally the WORST! Now that she is Shiv, she has no filter when it comes to disobeying her father’s orders. If she wants something, she’ll take it, consequences be damned. However, what will happen to her going forward?

If we had to guess, she might become the leader of a new generation of the ISA. Why do we think that? It comes down to whatever happens with the parents. What happens to Dragon King and Icicle and so on in their fight to control America?

Cindy is desperate to be a member of the group and she’s already got Courtney as an adversary. She also knows who she is as Stargirl, though she said she wouldn’t tell her father as she did not want to be benched. She stated to Dragon King that none of the other ISA legacies know who their parents are and she’s the only one. If none of the others join her, she might recruit new members that don’t live in Blue Valley.

As of currently, she is still locked up in her father’s lair to ensure she does not get into trouble.

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