What Is The Shade Hiding? Cameron Start On His Potential Downward Spiral And Paula Finds Herself Calling On Barbara For Help

Dickie Swift
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The Shade is hiding something, but so is Cameron. The former ISA villain and Icicle’s artist son are struggling on two different sides of the coin. One appears to have some ailment, while the other has to hide his powers. It’s a tough time for them, that’s for sure.

While The Shade was a large part of the episode, Cameron wasn’t. Though, the two scenes the young Icicle was in set up plot points for what comes later. We’ll be covering Paula and Larry at the end. So, let’s look at what The Shade, Cameron, Paula and Larry are hiding, shall we?

The Green Sparks

In the season premiere, The Shade’s confrontation with The Gambler in the diner leads him to go all shadowlands on him. When the Gambler left, the Shade’s fingers sparked green, which was the end. However, in this week’s episode, we see more of this. He gets blasted by the Cosmic Staff by Sylvester Pemberton. When he disappears, he leaves behind the same green glow as before.

We don’t know what this means, but we can guess. Given that we’re getting Todd Rice, Jennie-Lynn Hayden’s twin brother, this could be a reference to him this season. In the comics, Todd is the superhero Obsidian. He had a connection to the Shadowlands. So could Dickie Swift be trying to get him away from Mister Bones?

Unleashing One’s Inner Icicle Junior

This week’s episode doesn’t contain a heap of our boy Cameron Mahkent. Though, it does tease what is coming. Of course, we’ve written about the Mahkent powers before. But we didn’t realise that Cameron would be dealing with his powers this quickly in the season.

The reason we say this is due to the time jump. Stargirl Season 2 took place over about two weeks. So some time has passed since Season 2’s finale, and it appears that the hand cramps Cameron has been having have been going on for a while.

For those who don’t remember or haven’t seen Season 2, there is a scene where Cameron is painting his dad’s mural, and his hand suddenly starts cramping, and he drops his paintbrush when it hits the ground; it’s covered in ice. The development of his powers started with his ice breath in Season 1, which was seen in the episode “The Justice Society.”

Now, we knew Cameron would eventually come into his powers, but it was a question of when and what the circumstances would be. It should be noted that he may not be able to keep his powers to himself if he continues to vent his frustrations.

The Debate Between Lily, Sofus And Jordan And Going Forward

There was a debate between Cameron’s father, Jordan and his parents, Lily and Sofus, over whether Cameron should be told. Jordan strictly told them his son wasn’t to know anything. However, six months after Jordan died, Lily and Sofus realised they couldn’t keep it a secret and told their grandson by showing him their powers.

At one point, Lily and Sofus had two different opinions regarding Cameron’s relationship with Courtney. Lily hates Courtney’s guts and wants her nowhere near their grandson. Sofus, meanwhile, wants Cameron to be happy.

Moreover, that is where the season ended for the Mahkents. When we see Lily and Sofus in ‘The Suspects’, they are both on the same side when Cameron tells them his powers are causing havoc and he can’t paint because of it. They tell him that he’s destined for bigger things than art.

We’ve heard people say that that statement alone makes people think that the grandparents are no longer hiding their disapproval of their grandson’s passion. Someone mentioned in an episode breakdown that it looks like Lily and Sofus are trying to strip Christine’s traits from Cameron and forcing Jordan’s traits onto him.

Paula And Crusher Are Hiding Something

Paula and Crusher’s attempts to reform themselves are on shaky ground. At the end of the episode, they’re at Ripped City, where Paula punches a punching bag so hard that it goes flying. She and Crusher are worried that people will find out something they’ve done.

The million-dollar question is, what are they hiding? Do they have some tie to the Gambler’s murder? We know Crusher went to confront The Gambler but thought better of it and drove off, which explains the sound of the car speeding off during the premiere.

There is no doubt that Crusher would’ve told Paula about this. However, could their main concern be that they won’t be believed? It should be noted that Paula mentioned when she visited Barbara at the beginning of the episode that she and Crusher aren’t sloppy. According to her, Murder 101 involves cleaning up the body.

We don’t believe Paula and Crusher did this as it is not their MO.

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