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Babes Against Bullshit: Falsehoods – Cult Of Trump

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Falsehoods. That is the first thing about outgoing US President Donald Trump comes to mind. The man has sprouted so many lies over the last four years that it has become easy to see he has a cult of Trump. As an Australian looking in from the outside, I can see how ridiculous that a load of people would be stupid enough to fall for this ‘rigged election’ shit he is pulling.

I understand that elections need to be fair. But people in this cult of Trump don’t seem to understand that without science, they wouldn’t have luxuries. For example, cavemen invented the wheel. Without that, there would be no cars, trucks, planes and other vehicles. To all those Trump supporters who are reading this, please, get off my blog. I do not want you spilling your egomaniacal crap on my site.

As someone who follows and works in the media as a writer, I can tell a BS news story when I see one. While I may not be totally invested in politics, I know what’s a lie and what’s not. I’ve watched countless news reports about Trump, and there is a pattern. When he springs his bullshit, he gestures with his hands. You don’t need to be a body language expert to see it. He also fires staff who disagree. Dude, this is not The Apprentice! Not to mention, he threatened to axe Doctor Anthony Fauci.

Cult of Trump Followers

Anyone who supports the cult of Trump is a massive part of why he’s in power. When I looked for images for this post section, I was surprised at what came up regarding The Don supporters within Hollywood. I knew that 50 Cent, Kirstie Alley, Jon Voight, and Kelsey Grammar supported him. Fine. Whatever. But, it was the inclusion of Dennis Quaid (you know, from The Parent Trap?). Curious, I decided to dig a little deeper.

As it turns out, Quaid isn’t a Trump supporter, according to an article by the New York Post from back in 2018. He’s an Independent but felt the president was doing a ‘good job’ handling the Coronavirus outbreak… seriously?

I, personally, have no issues with people being registered as an Independent vote. It’s like journalist and former First Lady of California Maria Shriver said in a Unite American Facebook graphic:

I changed my registration after being First Lady to ‘decline to state’… I really think that if we all can just step back and say ‘Who are you? What do you think?’ Not, ‘what party are you in?’

Maria Shriver – Unite America Facebook graphic

This is not a post to diss Dennis Quaid by any means, but what if he or his family got sick? He’d be screaming from the rooftops, right? I would be.

Trump Is Just Struggling To Hold Onto Power

When I look at the image above, the first words that creep into my mind are, “Oh, for god’s sake! Hugging the American flag does mean you love your country.” Also, it’s deadset CREEPY. With just over two months to go until Trump has to leave the Oval Office, he will not go quietly. He will put up a fight and by the time January 20th rolls around, I feel the secret service will need to drag him out.

I can only sit back and smile like the Cheshire Cat as he runs himself into the group. His cult of Trump is crippling to the point where their voices are being drowned out by people who actually listen to facts. As my dad has always said, if you having something to say, make sure you have facts to back up what you’re saying.

Trump has the facts, but he refuses to acknowledge them. He thinks because he is the one who is in charge that he is right. His followers (yes, I’m calling them that) believe everything that comes out of his mouth. If he says digest bleach to get rid or prevent COVID-19, some of them will do it.

However, there are people who see through his mistruths. Those people are not part of his cult of Trump. No, they follow the health advice from officials.

The Trump Children

Also, Trump’s lackeys like his adult children don’t want to stand up to him. Why? They don’t want to face his wrath. While Eric and Don Jr will do whatever their father wants, Ivanka is Donald’s favourite. It’s unclear where Tiffany and Barron sit on the totem pole.

Tiffany has become more outspoken in recent months than she has ever during her father’s time as president. While she spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention, she has stayed out of politics mostly and has kept a relatively low profile regarding her views. However, she has slammed Joe Biden and has been called out for it.

Barron, still being a teenager, doesn’t appear to have a view on politics. It’s possible that his mother, Melania has made sure he stays well away from it. Lets just hope he doesn’t join the Cult of Trump the way his siblings have.

What Election Fraud?

Watching the news on a nightly basis leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, I was one of the millions of people around the world who knew for a fact that Trump would pull a ‘It’s rigged against me’ stunt. He just can’t accept that people are sick and tired of being mistreated. His family and the people work with him might make excuses for him, but there’s a fine line to be drawn here.

In the US, it is very hard to commit voter fraud. Tens of thousands of people need to do it for it be obvious, according to CNET. So many people, including former politicians have urged Trump to concede, but there’s no chance he’s going to do that. Why? Because he cannot accept defeat and nether can his cronies. Just ask Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as per The Guardian where he said they were preparing for a smooth transition for a second Trump administration.

Mister Secretary of State, how can you possibly do that when the Election said Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States? Oh, yeah. You don’t want to believe the facts that are staring at you straight in the face.

Those Who Call Trump Out In Public Have Guts

I applaud every single person who has called Trump out for his bullshit. Take the guy in the photo. His name is Jonathan Swan and is an Australian journalist who doesn’t take any crap, especially from someone as high up on the food chain as Donny Boy. I wrote a while back that he did the gutsy thing and called the president out on his response to COVID-19.

Quartz did a whole piece on all the people closest to the president who have some… um… interesting takes on him as a human being. If I had a dollar for every since insult his lackeys used, I’d be stinkin’ rich!

Anyone that takes a stand against the cult of Trump is a hero in my book. Donald needs to be taken down a peg or fifty.

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