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The Sussex Argument, Meghan’s Tears Over Catherine’s New Title And A RUMOUR Has William Seeing If Harry Can Be Trusted


Meghan’s Tears Over Catherine Becoming The Princess Of Wales

Okay, I had to share these tidbits of information because it’s too good not to,, and as usual, I have a ton of thoughts. So, it has been said by Exposing SMG that Meghan and Harry got into an explosive fight over her going to Balmoral when the Queen was on her death bed. But, then, there were tears when Charles proclaimed that William and Catherine were now the Prince and Princess of Wales. I wrote a post on this a while back.

If I could, I would’ve laughed at Meghan at that moment. But, she knew what would happen when Charles became King. Then, William and Catherine would become the Prince and Princess of Wales, which is no stopping. So, why the tears? I can imagine the epic meltdown she had as she sees herself as Diana 2.0, aka the Princess of Wales.

The tears, if they happened, show how immature Meghan is. When things do NOT go her way, she cries and screams. I’m sure she didn’t want to stay for the funeral but had to because she couldn’t leave Harry in the presence of his family. It left her looking rather exposed as a hypocrite no matter want she wanted to do.

Black Outfits And Arguments

What’s more, the argument has been reported before, but I digress. Meghan’s need for control shines through, especially when she cannot buy new clothes for the funeral. She had to wear some of her old outfits that had probably been left at Frogmore. I doubt she would pack black outfits unless they were new.

We all know by now that Meghan LOVES wearing black. I will admit she looks good in black, but when she was a working royal, it was inappropriate to wear that colour regularly. Yes, Catherine wears black, but she doesn’t do it all the time.

Anyway, I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall when the Sussexes were arguing. I know I shouldn’t be enjoying myself here, but seeing Meghan squirm under the gaze of the people she called racist is immensely satisfying to witness. The royals gave her everything, and then she threw it back in their faces.

Idiotic Sussex Squad

The Sussex Squad are a bunch of uneducated idiots who don’t understand that actions have consequences. Not everything is about race. Also, Caribbean Prince on Twitter posted something interesting regarding the Squaddies. Many of them are white people masquerading as black people.

Reap What You Sow, Haz And The RUMOUR Regarding William

Meghan’s need for total control is becoming apparent, and her Squad has lost any formation. They were always unhinged, but it was like their goddess had lost whatever faith she had in them. Sure, a couple of Squaddies show up at every event the Sussexes do, but the others are all over the place. It’s like they’re chickens with their heads cut off.

God only knows how Harry feels right now. While I do feel sorry for him because he lost his grandmother, he needs to realise that he is now a celebrity. Not a royal.

Caribbean Prince’s tweet doesn’t surprise me. The Squad are as bad are their mistress. They’re race baiters and the worst of the worst. Moreover, this leads to our next point.

So, Markle News on Instagram posted something interesting. They mentioned the situation regarding the return of the Queen’s body to England from Scotland. According to the post, William fed Harry a piece of information to see if he would give the intel to Omid Scobie to know if he could be trusted. Apparently, Harry did exactly what William thought he’d do.

Closer To The Throne

The information in the post claims that on Saturday, 10th September, The Queen’s body would go by road to Edinburgh. This came before going on the train back to London. Then, it mentions the coffin being taken on the RAF Northolt, which is what happened. Allegedly William used the train narrative to see what Harry would do.

However, Royal Instablog commented in the post’s comments section that the train portion of the story was always supposed to happen. Now, I don’t know the true story and don’t care. What I do care about is putting out the truth. William still doesn’t trust his brother, and it doesn’t take a rumour to paint a picture. Since Meghan joined the family all those years ago, the formerly close brothers have been on different destined paths.

Could Harry Be Torn Between His Family And His Wife?

William is now one step closer to the throne. Harry is still stuck, not knowing where he belongs. That brings us to one point story. As much as I hate using the Express as a source, this was too good to pass up.

So, according to the article, Harry is allegedly “torn” between reuniting with his family and his wife. I actually have no issues believing this. We’ve seen photos of him looking miserable whenever he’s doing anything with Meghan while she’s grinning like the Cheshire cat without a care in the world. He’s only ever at ease with his pal, Nacho. He has to realise that his memoir, which is likely to trash his father, stepmother, and brother, will be the literal fine nail in the coffin for him. There is no going back if it’s released with damning lies.

We know it will be, though I wonder if The Queen’s passing has awakened regrets. If it didn’t, he sees that Meghan has used her succubus abilities to suck whatever soul he had left. It’s no wonder the Spencers didn’t see Diana in her.

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  1. Mary wells says:

    have you read the article in the spectaator is this source reliable

  2. cjhawkings says:

    Hi Mary, yes, the Spectator is an accurate source.

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