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And The Fake Award Goes To…

What is it with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their need to buy themselves fake awards that mean nothing? They haven’t achieved anything. We know that Meghan’s supposed friendship with Ms Foundation founder Gloria Steinem is why she got that award. That was the night of the ‘near catastrophic’ car chase.

Not to mention, the Sussexes were given a fake award from Kerry Kennedy, where they were allegedly fighting racism within the British Royal Family. However, Harry backtracked during his press tour for Spare when he told his friend Tom Bradby that he and Meghan never claimed the family was racist. Markle did make this accusation during the Oprah interview. He accused the British press making it up and saying they claimed unconscious bias, not racism. Hmm. Perhaps Samantha Markle’s lawyers can bring this up in addition to cross examining Meghan into talking about the royal racism row. Perhaps they can ask her if she legally changed her name while they’re at it.

If Tom Bradby Is Confused, Everyone Else Is Too

Even Tom Bradby was confused by that. Does that mean he realises he backed a losing horse? Who knows, as Prince William had to cut Bradby off because he couldn’t trust him not to spill the beans of private conversations to Harry. Huh. Perhaps that’s why the name Henry is cursed.

Let’s not forget that Harry and Meghan got an environmental award for only having two children. Again, this was a slap to William because he has three children. So much for saying that awards weren’t important. Odd. Didn’t Markle tell her prince that her mother was allegedly in prison?

Meghan Is Addicted To Meaningless Awards

Meghan got even smaller awards, which are virtually meaningless. The People’s Choice Award was won because you can vote multiple times daily. The Sussex Squad did exactly that. However, none of these awards are important in the eyes of Hollywood.

The only ones that matter are the Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars and the Tonys, better known together as EGOT. Only a few people have won all these awards. Composer Robert Lopez is the only person to have won the EGOT twice.

Let’s look at the larger picture. Meghan could not understand why she could not be a royal and still make money on the side. It is not rocket science. It’s like her asking why she can’t be Queen or co-Princess of Wales. Perhaps she gave the Sussex Squad permission to create that petition.

Moreover, that brings us to the Living Legends of Aviation Award that Harry has bought for himself. For a full rundown, please check out Jen and Jay’s video on Real Housewives Recap for a proper explainer of the award. The event is the Aviation industry’s version of the Oscars. John Travolta (a legit pilot) is the host. Furthermore, so its previous winners include Tom Cruise (again, a real pilot), Morgan Freeman and Richard Branson.

Come Again? Why Is Harry Getting A Fake Award?

What has Harry ever done for Aviation? He was allegedly a co-pilot gunner, though even that’s sketchy. He does not have his wings. Prince William does. Thank you to British Prince for putting the video up on Twitter.

Harry was the gunner, the second-in-charge (ha! the spare!), the copilot. The copilot only takes over the craft if the pilot is incapacitated. This award is a PR push to make him look more successful than William. However if army personnel are coming out slamming him, it means that they are not happy with him either. Summing up, they know he’s not a pilot and that he sold the Legends of Aviation, which is attached to a children’s charity, a bunch of filth.

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