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It’s Official! Meghan And Harry Are Officially Desperate!


The NAACP Awards was meant to commemorate those who have done serious good – we’re just going to come out and say it. The Sussexes are officially desperate. While they have shown elements of desperation before, their display at the NAACP Awards shows how much. From Meghan’s dress being a modern copy of Diana’s infamous off-the-shoulder blue dress to her hair being styled after Catherine, it’s clear they need help.

While Meghan did look lovely, everything from the style of dress to her hair styled over her shoulder, screams, “I’m better than my idol Diana and my bitch of a sister-in-law.” This is what she would be thinking. Markle has no form of originality in her blood. She copies everyone else’s style and passes it off as her own. Ultimately, this is of no surprise, given that she has a Diana obsession.

[Photo A credit: ABC News – Walt Disney Photo B credit: People Magazine]

The dress is too elaborate for an award ceremony like the NAACP. It would be suitable for the Oscars, the Emmys, or the Golden Globes. Also, the train is too reminiscent of the monstrosity of a red gown she wore to the Intrepid Gala.

Going back to the blue dress at the NAACP Awards, it didn’t cover Meghan’s bust area properly. It looks loose. Oh, and it’s clear Markle is emulating Diana as she is wearing one of the late Princess of Wales’ bracelets. Some people on social media are saying it might be a copy, but we think it’s the real one. Harry had just as much right to his mother’s jewellery as William did.

Desperate To Show They Support The Black Community

Meghan jumping on the Black Lives Matter movement bandwagon after the murder of George Floyd shows she uses her race as a tool. This is evident in the way she drags her mother, Doria, into a situation when she needs her. She attended the NAACP Awards and looked incredibly uncomfortable doing so as shown in a tweet by Meghan’s Mole:

[Credit: Twitter – Meghan’s Mole]

The Sussexes were dressed (allegedly) by black designers, according to pro-Sussex publication, People Magazine writers Stephanie Petit and Erin Hill. This is the first time since Meghan’s BLM speech and prayer session that they have even spoken about the black community. Then, they took photos with actor Anthony Anderson to prove they belong in the “exclusive” humanitarian club.

Also, what is with the constant need to use the titles? President of the NAACP Derrick Johnson introduces them as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Odd, because Ellen did the same thing when Meghan was on her show late last year.

Meghan was the first to speak, which isn’t surprising as she was the first to talk during the Oprah Interview, which is mostly about her. Harry praises her, and it is sickening the way she looks at him. It’s as if he is forced to say it, though he doesn’t mean it. Anyway, we’ve only seen part of their speech as we’d hurl if we watched the rest.

NAACP And Sussexes Share Something In Common

While it might seem like a coincidence that NAACP and the Sussexes have the same Public Relations firm in Sunshine Sachs, it’s not. The pair presumedly bought their award as they are desperate to be seen as a big deal. This is the same as the fake award they recieved for having only two children. Thinking back on it now, it was also a swipe at William and Catherine for having three kids. This isn’t the science fiction show, Terra Nova where it was literally a crime to have more than two children. All this talk about how much he loved his nephews and niece was just talk. We did a post a while ago about something Harry wanted to do for Louis when he was born, which was allegedly a homage to Diana.

How can you get an award without having done anything constructive? The Sussexes have done nothing but whine about… well, everything. Talking about things isn’t getting said things done physically. As we’ve said before, you don’t need to vocalise everything you do to make an impact.

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