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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Has The Whereabouts Of Doria Ragland Been Solved?

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Meghan’s Mole did a live where she did a deep dive into the whereabouts of Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, during the former actress’s childhood, and what she uncovered is juicy! The information came from two posts from a website called News Royals, which hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. Here is part one and part two.

All credit for these finds goes to Meghan’s Mole and Yankee Wally, who found the posts first. Also, all the information in this post is alleged. The posts from News Royals can say more about it than we can.

The Whereabouts Of Doria Ragland Solved?

There have been rumours for years that Doria’s whereabouts have been questionable. Many rumours say she was in prison for anywhere between two years and ten years. Whatever the case, it doesn’t solve the whole mystery. She is still the original grifter, a skill she taught her daughter.

According to the posts, Doria was a lot like Meghan is today. She wanted a rich caucasian husband and was known to be pushy in wanting to be part of the A-list crowd. Doria even tried to get cozy with Ed O’Neill, the star of Married… With Children.

Meeting Thomas Markle

Doria was working as a makeup artist on the set of Married… With Children, one day, she got invited to a party. She noticed Thomas Markle when he stood up for a girl whom a director was assaulting. They got together, and soon after they were married, Meghan came along. Doria also convinced Thomas to set up a travel agency registered in his name, but she ran it.

Meghan was treated like an absolute princess by her family. She wanted something, she got it. After Thomas’ lottery win went down the plughole, so to speak, Doria divorced Thomas, which led him to drink. She used this as an excuse to get sole custody of their daughter.

Also Thomas was in a lot of trouble legally and Doria won every court case against him.

The High Life

Doria took Meghan on a ton of trips because Doria was making good money. She was also getting alimony, despite Thomas’ predicament.

Meghan didn’t want to meet her father. Thomas would contact them constantly, only wanting to see his daughter.

Doria’s Revenge Backfires

Doria started to get annoyed and decided she wanted to see him in prison. What did she do? She stopped paying her taxes, believing that Thomas would be blamed as the travel agency was in his name. However, the IRS caught up with her, and she was sentenced to 15 years in prison. However, she only received four years thanks to the lawyer, Thomas had hired for her.

Thomas then got custody of Meghan.

Where Have We Heard About Doria’s Alleged Whereabouts Before?

Tom Bower briefly mentions a period of ten years where Doria wasn’t present much in Meghan’s life, though he doesn’t say her whereabouts. In interviews, he says he knows where she was, but he can’t say for legal reasons.

Many people will say she was away finding herself or doing business elsewhere. But who spends a decade away from their child on and off?

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